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Yoga is more than a workout–it’s a self-care practice that offers a way to unwind and ground yourself amidst life’s chaos.

More and more, we’re realizing the importance of self-care, and what a better way to achieve that than by crafting your own space just for relaxing and taking care of number one. Whether that’s for practicing yoga or tending to plants, it’s a heathy way to unwind from our hectic and busy schedules.

This morning on Cityline, I walked through how to create a soothing and calming sanctuary using items from IKEA’s new HJÄRTELIG collection (which is made from durable, sustainable and natural materials like cork, linen, rattan and seagrass).

When I practice yoga, I like to be able to unload in an instant without being surrounded by distracting mess and props. It’s all about simplification: having everything you need, but nothing more.

Decorative baskets are a must for hosting things like straps, blocks and towels. And the addition of a bench/clothing rack is a great idea because it not only offers a surface for taking off your socks or shoes, but it becomes a dedicated home for jewelry, plants, candles and incense etc. It’s a way to introduce organization way so you can focus on what’s important and not be distracted by “things”.

Then add bonus items like a water carafe for when you’re parched mid-practice, clean rolled towels at arms reach in baskets, candles to create ambiance, plants to purify the air and make you feel like you’re in the tropics, and anything else that inspires you!

Watch the segment here and click the links below to shop the items used in the set!

Rug (US link)  |  Blanket (Blanket alternative)  |  Buddha Head  |  Yoga Bag, Blocks, Baskets, Jewelry Cones, Water Carafe and Bench from IKEA

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