Second-Hand Source Bible: Where I Shop For All Things Home

Call me a snot-nosed modern-day kid, but I think the old way of furniture shopping is dated — you know, the kind where there’s one store in your town and you just buy everything from it.

Not only do I hate sets but I hate limiting my options. I like to mix and match styles, and I love a good deal, so I often search multiple places when decorating a room — including online. So I’ve put together a small source-book of my go-to places when it comes to furniture, decor and anything home.

Kijiji / Craigslist:
Lately, a ton of people have jumped on the classifieds train, so finding something decent before it’s gone is harder and harder, but one way you can get a leg up is by setting alerts. Every time someone posts something with the words “Mid Century Modern”, “Solid Wood”, or “IKEA” because — let’s face it — I’m obsessed, I get an alert on my phone. I also set alerts whenever someone posts anything in a certain category, so whenever anyone posts a home for sale within a few of my favorite spots, I’m the first to know. I also love Facebook groups like Junk In Da Trunk (snicker if you must) and Home Decor.

Re-Store: Habitat for Humanity’s Re-Store has a few locations in the GTA and any given week, you’re bound to find something awesome, be it lighting, furniture, a bathroom vanity or home reno supplies. Always worth a pop-in every few weeks.

Auctions and Antique Markets: In my neck of the woods, I love to hit up Thursday nights at Hume’s Auction in Milton’s countryside. In the summer months, I love spending a Sunday afternoon at Guelph’s Aberfoyle Antique Market.

Furniture Liquidation Stores: I have one spot in particular that Colin and Justin told me about — and I won’t spill the beans on their secret — but a good Google search for liquidators in your area should do the trick. You can expect super cheap high-quality furniture that’s simply dirty or worn. Nothing a good TLC can’t bring back to life.

eBay: Online shopping scares a lot of people, but I think it’s worth the risk the majority of the time. (I have definitely purchased a rug that was totally ugly in person, but every other time it’s done me a solid.) Hint: Many decor stores that sell online also have eBay secondary stores for inventory that doesn’t sell on their main site.

Winners / HomeSense: I can’t make a list of where I shop and not include Winners or HomeSense. Their selection changes often, and is wrought with one-offs, so having a quick browse every month is a ritual for me. You just never know what you’re going to find!

IKEA: Anyone who knows me knows I love IKEA. Despite having cursed the DIY assembly process of my kitchen cabinets by the time I reached the last few, I still could never hate on them. Their products are always on-trend, ahead of the curve and super affordable. Can’t go wrong for the price and look — ever. I like to hit up the “as-is” section whenever I can. #IKEAFanGirl


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  • Great recap, Sabrina. I, too, love Ikea. I think mixing things up naturally and with what you love is the best approach to design! I’m inspired to create a KW thrift/consignment/second-hand/vintage guide. Putting it on my to do list!

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