This Week in Photos

Last Saturday, we had a couple over for dinner and Shawn snapped this shot of me rushing around getting ready. Fitting four of us comfortably around our small not-a-dining-table-table requires a few optical illusions and calculated table setting.


For dessert I made fool-proof apple crisp. I don’t measure, but I fill the base of a casserole dish with cut up apples and mix with lemon juice and white sugar. Then I mash together equal parts butter, brown sugar, oatmeal and half as much flower. Toss in more lemon juice and cinnamon and mix up before crumbling ontop of the apples and baking until apples are soft to your liking.




I was taking a photo for the new Design*Sponge #DSCollections hashtag and Shawn secretly took a photo of me taking a photo. Inception, guys.


In a last ditch effort to keep summer in my heart, I picked the last of my backyard blooms before they fell off and laid them out on my coffee table for a nonsensical, impromptu and pointless photo shoot. I liked how the photo took on new meaning when I threw my phone in the shot vs. not.



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