This Week In Photos: Gorgeous November Light

Last week I launched a new double-sided, concealed zipper throw pillow in my online shop!

Inspired by birch trees and the beauty of nature, met with geometric and bold shapes, the front is geometric taupe, dusty pink, black and white with hand-drawn textured stripes and dots. The back is black with pink dotted pattern. See the item details on my Storenvy shop page.


My parents installed a DIY lantern system in the gazebo. Isn’t it awesome?

They simply took a frame and metal mesh grid and installed it on the ceiling and hung chain links from it. The first and last links are the adjustable kind that can open, so they can move the chains to anywhere on the grid they like and replace lanterns as they please! It’s also handy for lighting the candles; simply pop open the link to take the lantern off for ease of lighting! My mom found all of the lanterns at Winners/Home Sense.


In related news, my mother’s green glass vase/vessel collection was looking mighty dapper in this fall light so I had to snap a photo!


It’s fall but it’s been feeling more like winter, so braised red cabbage was on the menu.


My plant propagation is constant. Here’s some succulents, kalanchoe and lemon seeds waiting to turn into trees!

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