Week In Review: Vice’s ‘Killing Cancer’, Firefox Emojis, 300 Free Resources +

1. Vice HBO just released a YouTube mini-documentary report on killing cancer (and how they can now). It’s a fascinating 45 minute watch that everyone should see.

2. A massive list of 300 free things put together by awesome people. Anything and everything you could ever need resource-wise for automation, integration, business, personal and overall ease of life.

3. I just completed a massive design project for Mozilla that I’ve published on my portfolio. I created a set of Emojis just for Firefox which will be launched soon.

4. Stock photos can be hard to find, especially free, non-cheesy ones. So I put together this resource list with places you can find the best free, non-cheese-ball stock photos.

5. If you aren’t familiar with the work of Magoz, you should be. He’s just updated his site with some new illustration work and it’s pretty rad.

6. An interesting read on what it’s like to go without complaining for a month.

My favourite photos from the #HandsAndHustle Instagram feed of the last week.

7.@ohthesweetthings drawing of this lovely greenery.

8. @lifebyclay‘s ceramic glazed handmade spoons.

9. @wildcolumbine‘s beautiful weaving work.

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