The Results of Hibernating

This past winter, I was not Marie Kondo-ing with every body else. I was kind of hibernating—and still accumulating. 

I had just moved across the country. And in doing so, had already purged things that didn’t “spark” for me, left only with things I value or love or need or want—and some new things too, because it’s inevitable that as you retrofit your old home into a new one, you notice gaps. In any case, it’s taken a while for things to settle since.

When I wasn’t out exploring a new town, I spent winter feeling out our home—getting to know it slowly by living in it. Then subsequently organizing, designing and tweaking it room by room, starting with the master bedroom.

Mid-February seems to be the new January 1st (or 2nd, because we all know how the 1st goes) for me.

I’ve found myself on an organizing frenzy, sparked last week by an unanticipated blog re-design (here we are, people)! So I thought I’d share a few updates (that have no particular relation).

I’m launching a new shop.

I’ve been unhappy with my products for a while, so I’m making some new ones! My current products stopped feeling relevant to me, and I only want to offer things I love and am proud of. Which is why until I re-stock and share new designs (including things like photo presets and design templates!), the only product you’ll find in my shop is this baseball cap—one of the first products I ever made, and one that still brings joy.

I’m going to start posting to a regular blog schedule.

Mondays will be all about light inspiration and easy-to-digest content (think Playlists or Links + Likes).

Wednesdays will explore the home, design and TV-related content (Save My Reno behind-the-scenes, curated finds).

Fridays will be for life updates, Piper content (yup, that’s bound to become regular), travel and lifestyle, etc.

Either way, I’ll be publishing three posts a week and continuing to send out one newsletter round-up on Sundays. (Subscribe if you’re interested.)

I’m enjoying freelancing again!

If you’re looking to re-design your brand, or need illustrations, graphic design work done or anything in between, send me an email. [PS: My portfolio is current under construction]

I’m really pale!

This is of no importance, but holy crap. Mike and I are going on vacation in March, so I’m pumped for some fun in the sun.

Anyhow, that sums is up for now, but do look out for regular content starting… now! And as always, feel free to join the conversation on Instagram where you can ask me anything. x, S

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