The Barn I’m Obsessed With, Supernatural Prints, the Riled Up Podcast Jacksons Scandi Products, Cast-Iron Chicken + Quarantine Fashion

Topping off this week’s Links + Likes is the coolest house I’ve seen in a while. This Brisbane Barn-style home has me scrolling for more. [Paul Uhlmann Architects]

Studio of the week: A line of Scandinavian classics so cool you’ll keep clicking. [Jacksons]

Poster of the week: I designed this poster for those who love the solar system. [shop now]

Podcast of the week: If you don’t know who Arielle Vandenberg is, then prepare to learn a new fact about me: she’s one of my favourite Instagram accounts to follow. She’s hilarious and just launched a new podcast with fiancé Matt and it’s awesome. [Riled Up]

Garb of the week: The Culver City set is perfect quarantine fashion.

Despite the current state of the world, spring is on its merry way—the sun is rising earlier, setting later, and the birds are back! I love these sunglass-wearing seagulls. [@mongequentin]

I can hear the silence. And smell the hot coffee, and see the sea. Mmm. [@MyDomaine]

All I want for dinner is this Cast-Iron Roast Chicken with Crispy Potatoes.

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