Soul Mondays

Hey guys, what’s new? How are you enjoying the new site design? In my corner of the world, I’ve been enjoying the sun after a week of straight rain and taking advantage of it with lots of walks—sure, they’ve been quite wet and slushy, and getting caught in the rain or happening across a flooded path that requires some fancy footwork is common, but it’s been nice nonetheless! Overall, I’ve been more active lately and I feel amazing. And to add to the good vibes, my best friend is here to explore our home, so it’s been a good few weeks—or year so far, really…

Something I’ve committed to this year that has greatly improved my mood, health and work life is a little something I like to call Soul Mondays, a day dedicated to free movement of the body and mind, starting at 8am with an infrared yoga practice.

I head to the studio early, lock the door behind me, and practice alone for an hour before opening the doors to my students at 9:15. After a shower and some self-care, I hop in my Jeep to my favorite cafe, order a hot quinoa bowl and jasmine green tea, and I write. Slowly, leisurely, about anything, while intermittently people-watching or zoning out between bites of lunch. Sometimes it’s grocery lists, sometimes it’s my best ideas. These OOO writing sessions are how I process ideas, work through kinks, plan projects, and experience revelations. They’re also my opportunity to perform an audit of my thoughts before tackling my administrative and client work Tuesday through Friday. This way, I find I remain more conscious and aware of the to-do’s, encouraging me to be more proactive than reactive, more focused than scattered. And I wholeheartedly believe that time on the mat in the morning and concentrating only on my body and breath allows me to offer my mind the entire afternoon.

If you create your own schedule or run your own business, I highly encourage you guys to dedicate one whole day to your body and mind, in any order and by any means necessary. Whether it’s HIIT or going for a run, writing in the bath or at a chatty cafe, give yourself a Soul day. For me at least, it allows me to start the week on the right foot, and it makes me more efficient the next day. I don’t feel bad sitting at my desk on my screen for 8 hours. Your Soul day may be on a Thursday, but mine will be on Mondays, so in step with that, moving forward I’ll be sharing whatever I’m noodling on that given Soul Monday, along with inspiring images and new products from my shop! It’s new new and improved Links + Likes, but with some personal bonus content and shoppable goodies added. Y’on board?

This kitchen (and whole house, really) is texture done right. [Meanwhile in Melbourne]

Saturday Studio for Alexandra Kaehler.

I don’t know what I like more, the yellow or the DIY headboard! [Karwei]

I love the soft retro quality of Aesthet Nova, a new display typeface. [YouWorkForThem]

New in the Shop

This black and white spotted dress is a dream.

I don’t know what I’d do without my containers, jars, dispensers, etc.! And I’m happy to introduce these ceramic sealing canisters to my shop.

I’m all about ear climbers, and have a few in the shop. These Boho Wave Earrings are a fave.

Stay warm in this cute Boucle Zip-Up.

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