Hunting for a Cushy, Deep Sectional (+ My Curated Picks)

In the last four years, I’ve had four sofas.

Year over year, it’s been a revolving door of upholstery. From a hand-me-down loveseat set from my mom, to a modern Gus sofa, a yellow, tufted pretty number, to a blue herringbone, slim-lined sectional.

And I’m at it again.

Beyond a seat, each furniture piece has represented change, and with this newest switch-up comes the coolest one of all: a big, cross-country move

In the past, I was limited size-wise (working with a maximum of just 90”), and looks played a big factor for me, so my options were scarce: either nab a pretty but uncomfortable piece, or get a not-to-pretty but comfy piece. And I always went for the former.

The closest compromise of form and function I reached was my most recent piece, this sectional from EQ3. But it still isn’t the most comfortable to lounge in—although, it at least fit, so I do have to give it credit for offering me a small-scale sectional option (trust me, they’re hard to come by).

But finally, I’m in a new space (which I cannot wait to share more of!) with a large living room that can fit a large, deep, comfortable, nap-worthy sectional. One I plan on hibernating in all winter.

So I thought I’d share the sofas I’ve found after hours of research and digging as I weigh the pros and cons before hitting “buy”. But before I do, let’s break down the criteria for my selections:


  • Padded arms —  no modern, slim track arms.
  • Removable cushion covers — Piper does still exist.
  • Cream/light grey fabric— I’m personally over dark grey.
  • Floor-resting vs. on legs — I’m over fishing out dog toys and dust from under the sofa.
  • Deep — Enough that I can bend my knees and have my feet rested on the couch edge.
  • Under $3,500 — Self-explainitory!

I’m leaning toward the Cello 2-Piece Sectional from EQ3, but I thought I’d share the top 12 picks I’m tossing up…

Curated Picks

  1. Lewis Sectional
  2. Moore Living Reversible Sectional 
  3. Maximilian Sectional
  4. Remington Modular Sofa
  5. Cello 2-Piece Sectional
  6. Haven Chaise Sectional
  7. Nakia Sectional
  8. Cream Cheetah Linen
  9. Harmony Down-Filled Sectional
  10. Velvet Grey Sectional
  11. Forest Green Velvet Sectional
  12. Hollywood Sectional

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