Ravishing Radishes: Recipes and Health Benefits

Radishes are the greatest underdog of the vegetable world.

Over there last year, radishes have become a fridge staple. Not only are they super affordable, but they’re super healing, especially for anyone with thyroid or auto-immune diseases, like me! These tubers seem like an afterthought, or something you’d only buy to add colour to a salad for a dinner party, but these veggies are versatile and so yummy when prepared right! So below, enjoy some of my favourite radish recipes and learn a bit more about the health benefits of these dirt gems. ♥ ss

Health Benefits of Radishes

Radishes purify your blood by killing toxins, namely in your liver and stomach

Radishes have tons of potassium, folic acid and vitamin C, are rich in fibre, and have a high water content and low glycemic index, making them great for aiding in weight loss or for anyone suffering from digestive or urinary problems.

Radishes reduce blood pressure and help control diabetes.

Radishes are an important source of anthocyanins and flavonoids, which have been positively linked to the decrease of cardiovascular disease.

Radishes lead to better skin thanks to the vitamin C, phosphor, zinc and some vitamin B components. In fact, raw crumbled radish is a good face-cleaner and, thanks to its disinfectant properties, also helps reducing skin disorders such as dry skin, cutaneous eruptions and wrinkles.

Radish juice alleviates fevers and inflammations.

Radishes are excellent diuretic, detergent and disinfectants and aid in treating several kidney and gallbladder disorders.

Radish Recipes

Radishes aren’t just for salads, this recipe for strip steak with lemony yogurt and radishes looks so good as a complete meal!

Image: Finding Zest

For those who are keto or low-carb, you can swap potatoes for radishes and roast them! I tried roasting radishes the week with some salt and pepper and olive oil just to test, and they were so similar! They got a crust like potatoes do, and had a little zesty zip to ’em. My recommendation is 425 for 30 mins.

I love a simple oil and vinegar cucumber salad, and adding radishes is any easy sell! Try this recipe from nutritionist Stephanie Kay.

For those who like some more complex flavours and preparations, these Potatoes with Fennel and Radish Salad look and sound so yummy.

Radishes aren’t just for sides or salads, try roasting thin chips with salt and pepper for faux-tato chips!

This recipe uses a mayo-dill dressing for a creamy and fresh tomato and radish salad.

White beans unite with radishes for this hearty white bean and radish salad.

Sweet pea and radish salad with fresh Microgreens and chives, how fresh does that sound? Get the recipe here.

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