Blue Energy ✦ Throat Chakra Blend


The invigorating blend of Geranium and Peppermint will boost clarity while relaxing you, offering peace of mind to help you reach a higher understanding of your inner knowledge.

Use this calming blend daily to prevent the flu virus, release stress, calm upset stomachs, lower inflammation and more.

We can’t possibly begin to list all of the proven therapeutic benefits of the active compounds within our Blue Energy Blend, so we’ve let the infographics in our product image gallery do the talking!

We highly suggest using this for any thyroid or throat-chakra-related support you need, especially within the container of our Throat Chakra healing course.



Directions: Roll liberally over the nape of the neck and shoulders in times of stress or to rid tension headaches. Can also be used as an astringent on inflamed or infected areas.

Heelr’s Energy Blends are created by a team of aromatherapy and colour experts in super natural British Columbia.  Rather than just using a single essential oil, we allow you to experience more of a totality of healing oils for each chakra by combining like-minded oils of the same colour frequency to increase and intensify their desired effects.

Size: 10ml/.35oz

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