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Over two years ago, I started the hashtag #HandsAndHustle, named after my blog (at the time).

I’ve since switched my blog/site to just my name, and with that, I abandoned my URL, handsandhustle.com, and got rid of my IG handle and, within months, both got scooped up by strangers.

I regret not holding on to them, but I still browse through the hashtag from time to time and enjoy seeing the community that continues to grow.

Soooooo, inspired by what I lost (gave away even!), I’ve decided to start a new hashtag:


#PixelsPlacesThings is all about sharing inspiration in its many haunting (and sometimes surprisingly ordinary) forms, be it an art installation or graphic you can’t shake, a place you stumble upon with colors and shapes that captivate you (as in the case of this image by @perrygraham), an embroidered dress that begets a painting, a book you cherish and keep in your studio, or a thing that captures you and sparks an idea.

The dreamy images in this post already populate the feed, and I’m thrilled to see more coming in daily, so please tag your glimpses of inspiration with #PixelsPlacesThings! I’ll be doing a few features alllll the time, so don’t hold back 😛

Image above: Jing Wei‘s mural in the Etsy building in New York.

Image above: A magnificent art piece by @mireiaysuscosas

Image above: Agata Dimmich‘s current desk situation. 

Image above: Brandon Brilliànt‘s perspective of a light fixture/installation.

Image above: House of Brinson‘s ceiling medallion they installed.

Image above: Ashley Mary‘s stunning art.

Image above: Photo @bysheshe (@kateworum + @_jjorgensen_) of their hand painted wallpaper for @purplellamachicago

Image above: From Charles Petillon‘s Invasion series (not hashtagged, but I love it and want this to inspire the feed)

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