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Hey everyone! Hope you’re doing well in your corner of the world. Things have been busy in our lives here in Squamish, so I’m on coffee #2 of the day, inspiring the above photo of Press (Magnolia’s coffee company).

We had friends staying with us over the past few weeks, and then my dad arrived for a weekend right after, so January and February have been equal parts amazing and tiring, and I’m enjoying a much-needed Soul Monday. Staying ahead of cleaning and having a rotation of fresh bedding and towels doesn’t sound like much, but when you’re in the middle of closing and buying a home, dealing with millions of little loose ends, sorting finances and schedules and source lists, designing a home from afar, packing, and working full-time, it’s been a tornado of to-dos. But I’m feeling really good and on top of things. There’s something about being busy that forces you into being more present, taking things day by day, moving forward as you know how to best, choosing how you want to show up and behave in each moment. And doing that, moment to moment. That is the practice of presence, and it’s one I’ve had to work at since I first started going to yoga. And will maybe always be working at, because there is no such thing as true balance or total stillness—we’re always in motion, always breathing. Instead, there is only balancing: the action of living. In a definition, it is to “keep or put (something) in a steady position so that it does not fall,” and in practice, it is to allow yourself to move through life with awareness of where you’re at, and shifting when needed to bring you back to centre. I like to picture a shoot of bamboo that sways and bends with the wind, but doesn’t snap so long as it has a strong root and maintains its wellbeing. The goal is not to grit your teeth, hold your breath and demand perfect still focus—that’s a hoping-for, striving state that will exhaust you—rather, the goal is to remain grounded while allowing for sway and bend. With true awareness of your state at all times, counter-moving to return to center, or recognizing when you need to pause and reset. It’s surrendering to the moment, one inhale and exhale at a time.

So with three weeks to go until we get the keys to our new cabin and start the adventure of renovating top to bottom, we’re taking things day by day, and taking time each day to sit down and chat through our wants and plans, make schedules and sequencing lists, etc. We’re also coordinating with brands, which makes things more awesome, but also more complicated as we comb through SKUs and seek product availability etc. It’s a lot of moving parts, and our goal is ambitious: we’re trying to get the home gutted and in a finished drywall stage within four weeks so we can move in at there end of March. So chipping away at things and having awareness over the whole project is our key to not getting overwhelmed or extending the timeline in the process. Anyhow, tomorrow I’ll be sharing a HUGE update about our house and plans, but until then, here are some of my favourite links and finds from the past few weeks.

♡ ss

This bedroom is mega mood for this Monday. I love the effect of hidden strip lighting and the affect it has on your mood. So zen.

⤷ I love this Wit & Co. bandana.

⤷ I’m on a beige-kitchen kick (we actually plan to do something similar in our cabin, more on that tomorrow) and I adore this one.

⤷ Must Watch: The Pharmacist on Netflix. Holy cow, we binged this one in 48 hours. It’s a murder mystery/investigation that delves into the world of opiates in the 80s and 90s, specifically Oxycontin. It’s a true, well-produced story that involves a crooked doctor / drug dealer, one of the largest drug/pharmaceutical corporations in the USA, and a determined father out for justice.

⤷ Happy Days by Lauren Griffin

⤷ This video of the Italian countryside blowing in the wind is mesmerizing.

⤷ The design of Triple Secen Home’s website is stunning.

⤷ I love this t-shirt and wear mine at least once a week. Get it here in my shop!

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