Our Master Bathroom, Revealed!

This room is more than just a bathroom to me—it’s my little wellness escape where I spend a lot of meaningful time.

At long last, over 400 days since we first took a hammer to this space, our master bathroom is finally complete!

It has been well worth the wait to see this space finally come together, and we have to thank our sponsors for helping us make it so beautiful: Elmwood Cabinets who provided our gorgeous pine vanity (and kitchen cabinets!) and Dekton by Cosentino whose kitchen counters provided extra material so we could bring the same stone into our bathroom for some design continuity!

Specifically, we chose Elmwood’s solid Knotty Pine cabinetry, which we designed and installed to reach the original pine ceiling. And we were lucky to have some spare Dekton Lunar countertop, so we used it as a countertop surface as well as a backsplash which we ran all the way up the wall to the ceiling! We carefully cut holes out of the stone to run our light fixture through, and then we simply glued on a mirror above the sink.

Access for this bathroom was originally across from the main vanity, where our current towel hook and wood post is. Back then, the bathroom was a lot smaller and you were led into the space off the kitchen (yuck)! See a before photo below:

Blocking in this access/entry to the space and blowing through the closet that was once adjacent to the bathroom gave us the chance to really re-work the layout for the better–and gain a larger kitchen, which we did!

Although, as renovations go, the closet space we stole to extend the bathroom offered up a few issues and a few opportunities: Because the inside of the closet never saw sun, the pine had aged completely differently, and unless we sanded and stained the whole ceiling a great deal, it was never going to blend in.

Plus, due to the previous location of our exhaust vent, we had a big hole in the floor/ceiling package through to our master bedroom! Yeesh… It’s not easy to make it look like a seamless piece of wood where there’s simply air. The solution? Fill any damage with Bondo and paint it black!

This not only solved our blending issues, but to be honest, with our vanity in pine as well, it was almost too much wood. And a painted vanity just wouldn’t work for us in a bathroom.

With black used generously elsewhere in the home (doors, windows, faucets and hardware, knobs and handles), it was a natural solution. It also made the space feel a bit more intimate, like a haven, which the heated stone floors helped with, too! The Tolson Light is from Rejuvenation.

On the walls, I applied lime wash (Sea Salt from Pure and Natural) and their Eco Sealer, which leaves the surface textured and suede-y, but holds up to water and drops well! Inside the shower, we used a large rectangle Italian porcelain tiles, stacked grid-style, and Delta Faucet’s Pivotal shower hardware in matte black.

Whistler Glass installed and supplied our shower glass, and their choice. ofhinges and knobs were awesome! We went with these square black hinges to match our doors, and a cute circular though- knob for the shower door to match all the circular lights. I love how slim and sleek the whole shower turned out to be! And how about the floors!

We used a natural, local BC quartzite which has flecks of reflective stone that sparkles in the light! As a matter of fact, we loved the effect so much, we mixed an automotive sparkle fleck product into our grout to add to it, I am absolutely obsessed. I love how the floors are imperfect and textured, and how they seamlessly transition into our matte Wetstyle shower base, which feels like stepping into a natural rock cave hot spring!

It’s not the most massive or impressive master bathroom in the world, but I love how it feels when I’m in there. It’s like a little healing cave in the mountainside, warm rock underfoot, ancient wood glowing red in the sun coming in from the diffused window and door… Yet nothing is too precious: we already have the odd nick, but it was always a little rustic and that’s what we love about it!

Once again, I want to express a big thank you to our kind sponsors for helping make this bathroom so perfect for us!

Elmwood Cabinets, working with you has been incredible! Your vanity and storage tower absolutely make this space. The pine millwork adds so much warmth and the robust shaker style and molding added so much polish—not to mention, function! We love it all so much, and our home would not be the same without your touch!

Dekton by Cosentino, your Lunar slab was the perfect match for our bathroom! With white tiles in the shower and super-textured floors, the warm concrete texture of the counters and backsplash were the ideal choice for a third surface! It adds so much to the space without overwhelming it, and it’s that your slabs are large enough that we were able to construct. this impressive counter-to-ceiling surface with leftover material! It’s not only a statement, but offers so much utility and protection (I’m a messy face washer)!

Delta Faucet, thank you for providing such awesome shower and sink hardware. We love the Trinsic wall-mount faucet, and the Pivotal Shower Kit feels like a spa. It’s all a perfect match to our other black hardware!

Wetstyle, we appreciate the discount on our order! Your vessel sink and shower pan are two of my favourite aspects of the space.

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