Get The Look: My Home Studio / Office Reveal

My home office has been nearly a year in the making. I once worked in the smaller bedroom adjacent to it, but after we took over the basement and Shawn moved his office downstairs, it was time for an upgrade — but it didn’t come without a cost.

In the before photos, you’ll see the space the day I bought the house (aren’t the doily curtains kind of adorable?), and the state it got to about a year in (peeling wall hell). The room wasn’t bad those first few months: I changed out the fixtures, replaced the curtains and painted the wood trim and doors, but after a few months, the paint on the ceiling and walls started peeling and flaking off. Turns out, a quick paint job was done before selling, and acrylic was slopped on top of oil-painted plaster from the 50s, which didn’t end well.

Get The Look: My Home Studio / Office Reveal

Get The Look: My Home Studio / Office Reveal

Shawn and I spent days scraping, chipping and sanding the walls and ceiling down, and then another day priming it with an oil sealer that literally made us both sick from the fumes, but in the end, the result was well worth the elbow grease. After a splash of dark paint, furniture, plenty of plants, and a big, plush Persian rug from ECarpetGallery to anchor the space and keep my feet warm and cozy, my home office is now a place I very much enjoy working and hanging out in. Read more and scroll down to see more photos and a source list / mood board to shop similar items!

Photography by Shawn Lovering


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Get The Look: My Home Studio / Office Reveal

Get The Look: My Home Studio / Office Reveal

1. Mirrored Tables

2. Mod Metal Planters

3. Hand-woven Varamin Wool Sumak

4. Black Filing Cabinet

5. Metroplitan Writing Desk

6. Sputnik Table Lamp

7. Hand woven Navajo Wool Sumak

8. Palms Crewel Wall Hanging

9. Neptune Campaign Writing Desk

10. Trash Bin

11. Eiffel Chair

12. Faux Taxidermy Ram’s Head from Leon’s

13. Standard Wood Bookcase

14. Hand woven Qashqai Wool Kilim

Comments (5)

  • Love this! The wall color is nearly identical to the wall color in my office/sewing space. I usually stick to white furniture in there, but I love how warm the wood bookshelf is against the wall.

  • Love the remake! You did a great job, I’m looking forward to have my own home office too one day 🙂

  • Looks ab fab, Sabrina! I’m sure you’re enjoying your new stylish office! I must check out the ecarpetgallery selection as I may need to pick up something for my ol’ kitchen. Thanks for the intro.

  • Gorgeous!! How did you manage the floating desk? Do you have floor outlets or did you rig an extension cord under the desk somehow? I love the look but I haven’t figured out how to execute it for real life.

  • Hi Sabrina. I’ve just discovered your blog through Design Sponge. I absolutely love what you did here. Those wooden shelves against the black wall and the white desk popping right in front… magic! By the way, I need that mirrored cubic thing with the plant on top, so I’ll send you my address so you can mail it to me, thanks. 😛

    I also painted my kitchen black and I looooooove the result. If you want to check it, click on my name!

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