I’m a Teacher (!?) + Watch My ‘Making It’ Pep-Talk at The Wolfsonian

I have an exciting announcement to make: I’m going to be teaching a few classes in the BAA Illustration program this fall at Sheridan College (!!!)

I actually attended and graduated from the program in 2012, so I’m honoured and super excited to be heading a few classes. I’ll be spending the next few weeks planning my courses, crafting assignments and gearing up to get real and lay some inspiration on them. One of the biggest takeaways I want to provide students with is a realistic understanding of where the creative industry is heading and what this means for them, paired with some business savvy and new media skills/ways of thinking. More on that later, but for now, I got my hands on a copy of the talk I gave in Miami at The Wolfsonian that I’m sharing today with you all, as well as a slideshow I made that played as I spoke.  Ignore my face.

  1. That’s wicked! I can’t wait for the insight and wisdom coming our way! There definitely has to be a class strictly on the subject of instagram. Aha cant wait for September!

  2. Great talk Sabrina 🙂 thank-you for sharing your advice and experience, it`s been great to follow you along your journey and it`s always exciting to see what you and Shawn are up to 🙂 Keep up the awesome and inspiring work!

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