Making It: A Round Table for Women in Creative Industries

Early on Friday morning, I’m hopping on a plane (in my sunhat and shades) and flying to Miami, Florida to host a conference about women in creative industries at Florida University’s Wolfsonian Museum.

I’ve never travelled alone, so I could blame the anxiousness on that, but mostly I’m antsy and excited to get to be part of such a great group of ladies, all getting together to chat about “making it”: how to, what that even means, and everything that comes with it. At first, I was hesitant to be the key-note speaker because I worried I wouldn’t be what they were looking for: I don;t have a very romanticized view on business, in fact, I can be quite daring and bold in my career, and I didn’t want to have to put on too much of an aspirational face to be what they expected. But once I told Heather Cook, the awesome brains behind coordinating this whole thing (and picking me up from the airport like a gem), about my approach and what I plan to say, she was psyched and so glad that I was approaching it with grit, truth, and authenticity.

So if you’re in Miami this weekend, and are either toying with running your own business or already run a successful operation, join me, fashion designer Diane Brache, ceramicist Rachael DePauw, Frangipani design store owner Jennifer Frehling, and jewelry designer Joanne Stone and be part of this larger discussion.

There’s still spots available, but there’s not much room left, so register today and let’s meet and mingle! (Did I also mention Whole Foods is catering?)


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