Links + Likes: Stainless Steel, Rifle Paper Co. Anthro Chairs, Imposter Syndrome, Wallpaper’s Comeback, IKEA Hacks + More

  • This all stainless steel kitchen is so dope (PS: you may also notice Remodelista’s re-design.)
  • Rifle Paper Co. + Anthropologie = these beautiful chairs. Dayum!
  • I miss bagels so baddddddddly. I have yet to find a good gluten-free store-bought, but these GF beauties are called “easy” and “no-rise”, so I’ll find out how easy they are to make this weekend.
  • This chandelier is insanely beautiful. Ugghhhhhhh.
  • “People with impostor syndrome see all the signs of their success–-the large bank balance, the public praise, the demand for their work–-yet feel like they just got lucky, getting there not through hard work, merit, and talent, but by chance. They live in constant fear that someone will realize that they don’t really deserve to hold the position they do.” – Read on about overcoming imposter syndrome.
  • So happy to see wallpaper making a comeback.
  • This gold earring organizer is so simple and so smart.
  • Bloglovin’ just announced its new ability to blog right on Bloglovin’. I’ll continue here, but I’ll be interested and curious to see what comes from it.
  • This DIY IKEA closet system is so smart! Must save for later…

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