Links + Likes ⋆ July 2020

Summer finally arrived here in Whistler!

After a cold and rainy June and July start, we’re enjoying 30° sunny days and clear nights at long last. A few mosquitos this year, so copal incense is coming in handy (it’s a natural bug deterrent!), but working, resting and eating in the dappled sun on the area of deck we have finished has been suiting me juuuuuust fiiiiine this weekespecially after our 30km hike this past weekend! We did High Note Trail over the Musical Bumps to Singing Pass:

I’ve been nothing but inspired lately, and a little tired haha. Later this week I’m meeting with the Cabico team to review our kitchen plans and design, and I’m eager to pull the trigger on some choices. We’ve been dreaming of this kitchen for so long, so to finally be at the stage where we’re choosing paint colour, cabinet front style and hardware is beyond exciting. That means, you guessed it, I’ve been looking for all kinds of inspiration, some of which you’ll find in this post.

In other news, I’ve proudly launched my workbook, How To Discover, Define and Design Your Brand: a Practical Guide for Big Dreamers and could not be more thrilled with the feedback I’m getting so far! It’s an honour to share my knowledge and have it valued. You guys have no idea how much your support means to me! Thank you. And if you’re dreaming of a better career for yourself, consider the career of yourself. Get started building your brand today 🙂

In addition to home vibe inspiration, this month’s links + likes contains my fave bits of inspiration, news and shopping finds from July 2020!

April Tomlin’s kitchen is gorgeous!
I just bought us this Citronella Stoneware Candle. Love the vessel, love the bug repelling smell.
Amen Lalah Delia! Illustration by Ilana Griffo
Design by Stephan Watts. Photo by Christian Torres
Olivia Herrick with some tips!
Marbled Incense Holder – perfect for inside and outside.
Soul Twin Studio hits it out of the park every time.
Amber Interiors‘ has the grey-green no one can really pin down.
Architectural Digest with one of 2020’s hottest trends.

July’s Shoppable Finds!

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