Links + Likes: Hollow Tree Candles, The Kinfolk Table, Salt. Fat. Acid. Heat, a Butter Bell +++

To Gift: A local shop here in Squamish sells Hollow Tree Candles and I bought every one they had left in the Lumberjack scent.

To Watch: If you have any interest in food, how things are made, and travel, you’ll love Salt. Fat. Acid. Heat. on Netflix. And for a curve-ball, try Gaga: Five Foot Two. Both are so fantastic!

To Read: The Kinfolk Table has quickly become not just a cookbook I refer to often, but a fun way to frame the week. I’ll pick a recipe or two that challenge me each week. Between hunting for specific fringe ingredients and the element of surprise when it comes to eating s meal you were put out of your comfort zone to make, it’s been such a fun addition to the mundane. Would make a great gift!

To Buy: Initially, I clicked on the link to this butter bell for its looks, but the function has proven to be the main attraction. For those not familiar, you pack butter in the lid and put water in the crock and leave it on your counter top. The water seals the butter from going “cheesy” but it starts spreadable being room temperature. Imagine buttering toast… With the knife in your right hand, you can easily grip the butter bell with your left hand and turn it upside down. more paired with the function of holding butter. I love mine!

Loving these sunglasses. Actually, there’s lots of good stuff at Altitude Sports. Also feeling this striped beanie.

Happy browsing!

x, S

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