Links + Likes: Grace VanderWaal, Louise Grey’s Quilts, Matisse Earrings, Matagalan Plantae + subliming.jpg

Love this street photo from Claudelondon:

Cause everyone needs a good stump and a Louise Grey wall quilt.

Loved this interview with floral designer Carolina Spencer of Matagalan Plantae. Her work is just bonkers!

I think they’re trendy, but I’m still super into these Matisse-inspired earrings.

Follow subliming.jpg by Tessa Forrest. Just do it.

And leaving you with a feel-good song for the weekend. I totally didn’t even realize that this song is from the 12 year-old ukulele-playing girl, Grace VanderWaal, from America’s Got Talent. Remember her? Anyways, listen here: “I can see clearly now the rain has gone!”

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