Links + Likes: Faux Fig Tree, Candy Kittens, Embroidery Lace Dress, Jenny Bird, Rattan Table + More

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  • Embroidery, lace, florals. Need I say more about this dress?
  • If you’re a black thumb, this faux olive tree is V convincing.
  • At a Winners checkout the other day I spotted a bag of gluten-free candy (because yes, tons of candy has WHEAT in it, WTF?) with a cute name, Candy Kittens. I’ve since gone back for other flavors and devoured four bags. If you spot it next time you’re checking out, buy some.
  • Summer is officially here! If you need some fresh, new bedding, The Bay is having a huge bedding flash sale with up to 60% off sheets, comforters, duvets etc.
  • Good news for all you Jenny Bird lovers (myself included): there’s now free shipping to Canada and within the US on any order over $75.
  • This rattan coffee table is very cute.
  • Also feeling these rippling wave hoops.




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