Links + Likes: Best Espresso Beans and Black Long-sleeve Shirts, a WiFi Booster, Heeled Slides, A Patio from Heaven, + Imposter Syndrome

  • This Wifi booster has changed my working life. I like working outdoors on my back patio when it’s warm, but the WiFi’s typically crap and I have to stay close to the brick wall to get any signal. Not anymore!
  • Pretty into these wood-heeled slides.
  • Ever since I got my Breville, I’ve been on a spree to find the best espresso beans and after trying nine, this West End Coffee Roaster blend is hands-down my fave.
  • If ever a backyard was #summergoals, this would be it.
  • Why is it so hard to find a good black tight long sleeve top?! Beats me! But in my long hunt, I found two: This one is perfection (I bought two and love the wide neck) and I also fancied myself this tie-back crop top (I initially couldn’t tell from the photo, but for those wondering, it fits tighter than it looks. It’s also a stretchy spandex-y fabric).
  • If you’ve ever had self-doubt, read Lauren’s blog post on imposter syndrome.
  • If you haven’t binge-watched Master Of None by now, you should. Also, we’re half-way through The Keepers (so sad to think this happens all the time under our noses)

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