Life Lately: Moving Parts (Aug.10.2016)

There’s a bunch of moving parts in my life right now.

As I enter filming for HGTVs Save My Reno, I’ll be taking a leave from Design*Sponge as well as most freelance design projects. Conversely, the show is ramping up quickly. I’ve spent the last few days and weeks in Toronto on-and-off in meetings (where the image above was taken) as we prep for filming in t-minus two weeks (ahh, so excited)! Aren’t these doors at the Thunderbird offices a beaut?

Elsewhere in my life, I figured I’d spill the beans on what I’m up to, things I like lately, and what my life looks like at the mo’:

1. I’ve been paying more attention to my diet.

As someone who has a perpetual sore stomach and digestive sensitivities, it’s funny that I’ve never bothered to pay much attention to what I eat and when — and how that makes me feel. Despite eating a healthy diet overall, there are definitely things I eat too much of (cruciferous veggies, I’m looking at you) and things I rarely eat (fruit), so balancing that out vitamin and mineral-wise, eating a wider variety of foods, and timing meals better (even just waiting to have coffee until I’ve digested breakfast or lunch) is helping big-time.

It’s funny how rather than the regular carrots and hummus, swapping in some grainy cracker and cheese can actually be a healthier option sometimes. Too much of a good thing — even veggies — isn’t always good.

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I’ve found that an easy way to try new things is to make grain bowls. I always keep both cooked rice or quinoa in the fridge, as well as dressing ready to go. Then it’s as simple as tossing in whatever veggies and protein you have on-hand, and a ton of nuts and seeds. Pictured above is a re-creation of the California Bowl from Lola’s Kitchen using quinoa as a base for chicken, sundried tomatoes, kale, and toasted nuts and seeds (it’s missing avocado — mine weren’t ripe in time). I also pin recipes all the time, so check them out on my Pinterest.

Sidetone perk: Part of this new regime is taking fish oils and B12 supplements, and holy cow, my nails are suddenly growing faster than I can keep up with.

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In addition, I’m regularly kicking my own ass with intense 30 minute workouts every other day (more on that here). Combining just these few tiny changes, I feel more a lot more energetic and have had less tummy-aches. (My shorts are from Gap Canada, which also has a matching bra-top. The bralet I’m wearing is from Nordstrom.)

2. I created better shop pages.


I updated the SHOP section of my website to include: 1) a direct link to a post where you can shop my entire house, 2) a curated furniture and home decor shop page which I’ll update regularly with my favorite finds (pictured above), and 3) the landing page to show my own creations. I also want to share that my better half opened a Society6 shop! Have a browse. Stay a while.

3. I’m finally fulfilling my pink bathroom dreams.


When I first moved into my home just over two years ago, I did a quick, aesthetic makeover. Nothing drastic — I simply removed the wallpaper and gave it a fresh coat of paint using a robin’s egg blue hue I found at my local Re-Store for $5. But like I did with my kitchen and bedroom, I’m tempted to repeat in the bathroom — that is, give it a second, more thoughtful makeover (whereas the first iteration was rushed — and, admittedly, less informed).

So, after two years of living in a robins egg blue bathroom (which has been pretty, but I’m addicted to change), it was time to shake things up. This was actually spawned on by the need for a new shower curtain: Shawn accidentally got ink on it, and it prompted me to shop around to find something more interesting than waffle-textured white, and that’s when I stumbled across this beauty (pictured below) which I just couldn’t resist.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 1.01.40 PM

It’s currently én route to my house, and, once it’s here, I’ll colour match the lighter hue of pink and paint my walls with it! Now, before I made a final paint decision, I did mock up a few options (below), so feel free to laugh at ’em with me:

Option 1: Pink via the shower curtain.

This is what leaving my walls as-is would look like, and I have to say, it’s risky and could border on primary school, but I kind of like the boldness of both hues.



Option 2: Paint the walls a soft blush and toss in a pink shower curtain in the same hue.

think I like this option the best, but I want to know your thoughts, so please comment below with your vote. I think an even lighter pink on the walls is called for.



Option 3: Paint the walls soft grey, the ceiling a light blush, and throw in a pink shower curtain.

This one, while tempting, seems the least viable in my case. While it’s a fun thought, I think that finding a white/grey for the walls will be tough because my tiles are an off-white creamy tone, so it might a) look washed-out, or b) make either the walls or tile look yellow or stained which is gross.

pinkbathroom_3  pinkbathroom2

I’m almost as excited for this mini-makeover as I was for my kitchen. With bathrooms, you can really go full Monty and colour-nuts, so I’m thrilled to be able to unleash some cotton candy on this B!

4. I’m getting a whole new wardrobe!

This might be the most exciting thing to happen to me — aside from actually getting a TV show, but this arguably goes hand-in-hand.

For far too long, I’ve been guilty of wearing PJs, but as a freelancer who works from home, why would I buy a single stitch of nice clothing? That combined with the fact that our closet and clothing storage game was weak up until now, clothing was never a huge priority for me. But seeing as I’ll be on TV and can’t wear sweats alllllll the time, I’m thrilled to be working with a stylist (the talented Katie Tobin who styles for E!, MTV Canada, and MUCH) who will be helping me source new clothes and shoes.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Above is my new black garment rack from Wayfair, and as you can see, this is all I have in terms of “nice” clothes, so I’m outlandishly pumped to fill it up. (And yes, I feel extremely spoiled and lucky.)  The dandelion jumper and blush trench are from Topshop, the floral slip dress is from Winners, the blush jumpsuit and polka-dot dress are from ASOS. Shop them, similar items, and items on my wish list below:

[show_shopthepost_widget id=”1847916″]

5. Some fresh, new portfolio items


Graphic design + illustration wise, I updated my portfolio with new work for Freshbooks as well as a portrait of Hazel McCallion for The Globe & Mail.

What are you up to lately? Share in the comments below!

Until next time my friends.
x, S

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