Life Lately: December iPhone Photo Dump

This months photo dump features a few snaps from my life, most of which I’ve shared on Instagram. After selling my Gus* sofa on Kijiji (found it uncomfortable although the quality was amazing), I hunted for affordable comfort and snatched up this yellow number, the Gramercy from The Bay. The frame’s a little squeaky and I fear one of the legs won’t hold up (I even shimmed it preventatively), but for $500, I couldn’t say no, even if it only lasts a few years.

After a long search for a good traditional afghan rug, I was tipped off by my pal Nicole McQuade to’s EBay account. $55 bucks later, my kitchen had a plush, colourful runner.

I still can’t believe I found the exact countertop I wanted in a cut off piece. There’s no way I would have spend the money for a new piece of Carrera, and yet the first place I looked and asked had just enough to do my kitchen. Dang.

Found this hole-in-the-wall rug shop in Oakville recently called Herat Carpets. Holy crap, it has the largest supply of vintage and new kills, afghans, moroccan rugs, you name it.

I’m on the hunt for a small-scale (comfortable) leather chair for this corner, but for now, this orange guy I found curbside will do.

Nonna with her great-grand-pup.

Went a bit out of my regular rug-comfort-zone and grabbed this one from Winners/Home Sense. Neutrals, and durable materials and textures that hide dog fur are now high on my priority list.

Same pants, different day. Got a double-birthday pedicure with my sister (who also celebrated her birthday a few days before).

I’m gonna eat that belly.

I took advantage of Target’s free shipping week to Canada and picked up this brass and marble arc floor lamp for $99.

Lucky Charms were on sale at The Superstore. Need I say more?

Ah, to be a dog…

This week was my last teaching at Sheridan, and to put it shortly, it was a very different experience than I anticipated, in great and not so great ways. I’d like to go back in a few years, but to do what I want there would require taking on more classes, and I’m just not ready to commit to that being my main gig for now. Wishing my 4th and 2nd years the best of luck! I’ll be seeing you guys soon — keep creating!

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