Since I’ve re-named and moved this blog, I’ve really been reflecting on where I’ve been, and where I want to go from here.

I’m someone who runs before I walk, and so far it’s (mostly) worked to out to my advantage. But for the first time in my life, I aim to enter this next chapter of my life slowly–whether or not that proves to be the reality is another story, but let’s pretend for a while, shall we? Perhaps it would help to learn a bit of history about me.

I’m Sabrina Smelko. Hello! Funny, I never really introduced myself before now. I was blogging as a masked stranger, throwing words at you. So let’s start fresh. (If you’re curious to learn more about my childhood and background info, click here or here or here, otherwise, I’ll begin with the most recent 6 years.)

I graduated from Sheridan’s BAA Illustration program in 2012 and have since worked with clients ranging from The New York Times to Ogilvy & Mather to Canadian Business Magazine. I’ve illustrated for famous publications, designed magazines, consulted, built websites, made infographics and worked on advertising campaigns for Cadbury and TD Bank. I’ve worked with small start-ups and with large brands such as Toyota, Molson Canadian and IBM. I’ve received awards from Society of Illustrators, Applied Arts Magazine and Behance. I wrote and illustrated a book and I run a community-based design project, 365 Days of Type. I also currently help design Mozilla’s Firefox Operating System and most recently, made the terrifying leap to being a homeowner. I’ve reached a point in my young career where I’m now looking back at the past 2 years going, “Whoa.”

I’ve been constantly moving, doing this, then diving into that, barely looking where I’ve been heading. I feel lucky, blessed and humbled to be where I am now.

So what’s the issue?

Answer: I’m ADD as heck. Not literally, I don’t think. I don’t have a problem other than I live through bursts of passion. After doing something for long enough, I crave something new; I crave change and challenge.

While I’ll continue working as an illustrator and designer, I’ll be shifting my focus and stop doing the projects I don’t like and do more of the projects I do like. That being less editorial, more apparel/textile/product. Less digital, more analog. I’d love to make things again and run my own online shop offering illustration prints and homemade housewares and apparel. With the help of my sister, Elyssa Smelko, wood-turner and lighting designer extraordinaire, I hope to also offer wood goods.

I know. Scary. Risky. Could fail. Sure, but I’m willing to take that risk and go out on a limb. So bear with me as I change my life just a little.

For anyone who’s still with me (sorry), what would you like to see offered in my shop? Illustration prints? Textiles and fabric products (dish towels, napkins, throws, socks)? Handmade wares (wood turned bowls, spoons, rolling pins)? Apparel? I want to offer and make things people want – that you want.

So let’s hustle and get handsy!

  1. This made me laugh- i just started a blog a few days ago because lately I’ve been doing the EXACT same thing (reflecting on everything) and I realized I have really….really, really bad ADD with life. So I feel you 🙂 all will continue to work out well for you though 🙂 def. Xx

  2. Oh man, I have so many regrets about not being able to see you this summer! I relate so strongly to the “bursts of passion” and I admire how you can do that so boldly. I think I struggle to rise above the crippling pressures of being a certain person with a certain profession while I mostly just want to do what I think I’ll have fun doing. Mucho respects, forreals.

    That being said, I’d love to see some super rad housewares! I’m such a sucker for quirky designs and handmade/local wares.

  3. Essentially, what I’m reading here is that you’re bursting with even more creativity!?! Good!!!

    Looking fwd to more collaborations w/ you. Everyone at /newsrooms loves your work. // S

    1. Indeed I am! I absolutely love working with you guys, always look forward to the next project! My weekend studio-adventures bleed into and inform my work-week projects and vice-versa; it’s been so rewarding and refreshing exploring different mediums to keep the creative juices flowing. 🙂

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