#HelloProKItchenReno: The Big Reveal of My Kitchen Renovation

What a year… 2015 came with a lot of change, the biggest of which came in the form of my home transformation!

If you followed along with my journey with the hashtag #HelloProKitchenReno, you’ll know the journey has ended! I shared an essay on Design*Sponge on this renovation and everything it entailed (which also includes some seemingly irrelevant nuggets of life insight), so check that out and enjoy the photos and nuggets of insight below.





When it came to the decor of my kitchen, my love for modern, eclectic and bohemian styles could really shine. I love mixing things like glass, steel and stone with warm textures, rich wood and plenty of trinkets and plants. The off-white shaker-style cabinets, counter-to-ceiling white subway tile (which, yes, I did by all by myself in 24 hours in a panic), and stainless steel appliances paired with wood bowls, open shelving, and wicker, cork and brass accessories help warm the space up.

I honestly can’t believe just four short weeks ago, this hadn’t even begun. It’s like my mood-board has come to life before my eyes in just one month.



Though some days during this renovation, I doubted that I’d be able to finish it all and have it come together, thanks to Leon’s Furniture and Frigidaire Professional®, and the many hands that helped me along the way, this fully loaded, home-chef worthy kitchen is finally mine to live in and make food in, which isn’t going to be hard with appliances this smart to do the thinking for me!




The Gas RangeOver-The-Range MicrowaveFrench Door Refrigerator and Dishwasher were some of the last things to be put in place. They were the final — and most important — touch to wrap this renovation up!




Just in time for my birthday, and with Christmas around the corner, I can’t wait to sit back, relax, and simply enjoy my space again. For a long time, my house didn’t feel like home — it felt like a project — but now, I have more of a connection to my space than ever before, because my hands did this work! I’m so proud and happy and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the result. Even Piper has a pep in her step!
















Comments (7)

  • Would u show pics of your drawers, cabinets, pantry open? LOVE it!

  • Love!!??

  • Trudi Smith

    Hi Sabrina – stumbled on your blog when looking for inspiration for my kitchen reno! We are also doing the Grimslov and working with similar colours in flooring, etc. Can you tell me what wall colour you finally chose – it looks great!

  • Sabrina Smelko

    Congrats! Lots of work but a big payoff when it’s done. I settled on “Worn Cedar” by Beautitone 🙂 id love to see it when it’s done! Feel free to share a picture with me after!

  • Sabrina Smelko

    I ended up going with Worn Cedar by Beautitone. I forgot if I commented back already, so sorry if this is a double-up 🙂

  • Wow, your space looks so much more open now, and I love how bright and clean it is. I also like your different uses of yellow, as well all of the greenery. Thanks for sharing!

  • Thanks for your lovely comment, Rachel! 😀

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