It’s My Birthday (+ I’m Giving Away a Foliage Pin)

I turn 25 today.

This year has been full of change, growth and lots of good. Last year, I started the blog Hands and Hustle and it’s been a blast. I’ve learned a lot and made thousands of new friends, but in the process, I realized that I was stretching myself thin for no good reason and that the pseudonym wasn’t doing me any favors. I was managing two names, two blogs, two Instagram accounts and constantly explaining that my blog was by me, but I also had another site,, for my work. I separated my working presence online into two sites and it’s time to end that confusion. Sabrina Smelko is Hands and Hustle, so why not make Hands and Hustle simply Sabrina Smelko? That’s a great question. I started it under a different name simply because I didn’t want to subject my existing followers to playlists or photos of my living room or dog. I thought they followed my for my work, and they shouldn’t have to be subject to that, but I’ve realized my work is a part of who I am, and I needn’t be shy of letting it, or my couch, represent me. So I’m throwing mis-placed politeness out the window and importing my blog, Hands and Hustle, into this blog. As of January sometime, I’ll make that URL redirect here, and operate under to make my life easier.

In consolidating my sites and taking the time to bridge all of Hands and Hustle followers and blog into this blog, you’ll also see a change in terms of content. I’m going to post what I want, when I want to, and it will include a lot more personal content in terms of my work as an illustrator, designer and Editor for I’ll share more of my process and personal thoughts and feels, and any blogging I do for other companies will be linked to once a week if you want to check it out, but this is my blog otherwise.

Long-winded explanation aside, it’s my birthday, and I want to be pin-twins with someone out there! The talented Rachelle Letain gifted me with two of her foliage pins (which are gorgeous), and I’m giving away one of you. To enter, follow me on Instagram, follow Rachelle, and follow my new BlogLovin’ then click here! (Must be within Canada, contest ends on Friday, winner will be announced on the weekend).

Foliage Pin (by Rachelle Letain) Giveaway!

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