It Begins.

This weekend is my final weekend before my life takes a new turn — a turn I’ve been anxiously waiting for and anticipating since early 2016.

As I write this, I’m sitting in my backyard listening to the hiss of the cicadas, Piper lying on the grass at my side, and soaking it all in. I’m days away from filming for HGTV Canada. I did not see that coming, but oh, how sweet it is!

As exciting as it is, it goes without saying that ignorance, in this case, is surely not bliss. As much as I anticipate that this change will bring opportunity, laughs, joy, it’s also bound to bring stress, exhaustion and challenge. But knowledge is power, and accepting this, I’m just about as prepared and excited as one can be.

Initially, this post was oh-so long and I wrote paragraphs on paragraphs, but in the end, it simply boiled down to wanting to say thank you.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me, rooted for me, and especially those whom smiled and shrugged at the news before adding, “It was just a matter of time — you’ve totally got this.” To my amazing family and friends, and even to all those internet pals out there whom comment on and like my posts. Every nice comment that’s been published on my blog and Instagram, every high five I’ve received, I remember them all, and they’ve all added up in tiny ways to bring me confidence.

Even the smallest compliments and gestures of support go a long way — so if you can do one thing today, this weekend, this month, tell someone you look up to or think is talented that you look up to them and/or think they’re talented! I think we all assume those we admire have people tell them how great they are all the time, but you’d be surprised how often these people never hear it. Don’t just assume they’ve heard it before, because I’m telling you, even tiny shows of support mean a lot.

So to everyone who believed in me even when I didn’t, I owe you my sincerest gratitude because, without you, I would not be where I am today. And I am so so so ready for this chapter of my life to officially start. Okay, time to go shave my legs, throw mayo in my hair, relax with Piper in my garden, and get camera ready! 😛

Cheers, everyone! Y’all rule.


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