Introducing Bri.Studio (+ My Fave WordPress Themes for Bloggers & Creatives)

As you may or may not have noticed, I’ve re-designed my blog (feast your eyes)!

It was a completely spur-of-the-moment change that took me a stressful few days to get sorted (my impatient, results-first spontaneity is going to give me an ulcer some day), but after lots of CSS tweaks, I’m so happy with the result.

As with any website re-design, I also gave a lot of thought to you guys (AKA the UI, or user experience). And as part of trying to make the experience more seamless, I decided to peel my portfolio of creative work off of here to give both my work and my writing some breathing room.

This blog will remain the place to come for all of me: thoughts, feelings, likes— more personal stuff. And as for my creative work, I’ve launched a new portfolio site:

Introducing Bri.Studio!

Running off the theme Airtifact

In the process of the redesign and launch, I spent weeks browsing ThemeForest for the right WordPress themes for both and discovered and test-drove hundreds of gorgeous themes.

In the end, I landed on ArtMag for my blog (what you see used here) and Airtifact for my portfolio.

So today I thought I’d share all of the other themes I fell for but ultimately didn’t go with. Enjoy!

Best for the minimal, simple look: Omio

Runner -up: Kapena

Best for a clean, contemporary look with full-bleed background images and cool text knockouts: Air

Best European-style blog/portfolio: Coup

Best use of layered images and content boxes: Park

Best fixed side-bar menu + masonry portfolio: Flagrant

Best delicate portfolio and blog: Brynn

Best for hight impact: Blomma

Coolest horizontal scroll: Frequency

Nicest boxed portfolio: Vino

Best Lightbox for Photographers: Brook

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