Sabrina Smelko on Cityline | Creative Headboard Alternatives

Anything But Boring Headboards

This morning was on Cityline, taking you through four cool headboard alternatives, starting at $5!

If you missed it, you can watch the segment online here and scroll on for my tips/links:

1. Shallow Cabinets

Especially if you’re small-space living, consider installing shallow cabinets above your bed to add storage and create the illusion of a headboard. I used IKEA’s TRONNES cabinets in my segment which are awesome because they’re modular and super-shallow, making them perfect for a “headboard”. Add as many rows and columns as needed for the size of your bed. Place books above, string lights overtop and bam! These wire mesh beauties would also make for some cool options if you hung them high. (And here’s a link to the leather lumbar pillow.)

2. Paint

Only have a few bucks? Paint on a headboard! I painted a circle using Benjamin Moore’s Voile and bookended it with these brass wall sconces. Or consider installing a floating shelf and painting a cast “shadow” above it–or painting on a faux spotlight from a single centred sconce. A great way to make a statement with pennies.

Images above: Decocrush and Fos

3. Bench Cushions

Craving something more plush (and super-affordable)? Hang a bench cushion like this pretty yellow one on the wall! And rather than just hanging it from ugly old nails, get yourself some cute statement hooks. I used these bird hooks and installed extras above the cushion to add form and function: throw on your hat or drape on a necklace to up the function.

4. Room Dividers

Room dividers or privacy screens are easiest way to add character, warmth and mega-impact! (This is the gorgeous wood one I used in the segment.) Fold the panels in as needed for sizing–or combine two dividers for a California King! I also really love this simpler, geometric wood onethese Audubon printed ones, and this Alice and Wonderland beaut. Also shown in the segment was this pretty hassle lumbar pillow.

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