Haystack: Usable Hi-Res Textures

As an illustrator and designer, I’m constantly either painstakingly making my own textures, or I’m on the exhaustive hunt for usable resources online. And I think we can all agree that searching for non-cheesy creative resources on the internet is like trying to find a needle in a haystack – (pun intended).

So when I found Haystack Dept, I nearly shart my parts. Started by Nicole and Mike McQuade, Haystack offers curated usable, high resolution, found and original graphics, textures, type and patterns for a small price. These resources are offered as collections, such as “Various Arrows” for $5.


They also offer straight-up textures you can mask or yourself into whatever you want, or overlay on photos or illustrations such as “Brayer” for $3.



BLOG DROP: Nicole’s blog Some Kitchen Stories is worth 10 reads, or more.

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