Glennon Doyle on Goop, New Script Fonts, a Food Substitute Guide, Vitamin A Swimwear, Jaffles and #PipersPeak

This week has been one of the most eventful weeks of our lives…

It all started with getting the keys to our place on Tuesday, then proceeding to demo the upper floor. Around dinnertime we got a call from a friend of ours that her husband never came home after ski touring that day when they were expected to return hours earlier. Squamish Search and Rescue and the RCMP were notified, as were friends who might be in the area. Crews searched through the night with sleds, flares and sound beacons to no avail, and at midnight the search was called off until morning. At 5am the next morning, Mike left Whistler to pick up the wives of our lost friends in Squamish, and the three of them hiked up Round Mountain to where the boys were last known to be. Search and Rescue crews met them at the hut atop the trail and the search began again. Hours passed and bad weather threatened to roll in, but we had daylight and insight on their side. After 24 hours of being in the elements, a helicopter spotted footprints in the snow in an area Mike suggested to look, and our friend and his friend were found! They were cold, wet, and shaken, but otherwise safe. It was a massive scare and served as a great reminder that Mother Nature is unpredictable and to be respected. It’s a privilege that we have access to so many untouched and remote areas, but safety and preparedness are paramount. Always. And we can’t forget or get lazy about it ever again…

Once all of us were back home resting and catching relief, we resumed life back at our new home the next morning. I’ll share a proper update on the renovations in a week or so, but in the meantime I created a Highlight reel on my Instagram of videos and photos from the first few days at the house (Just tap the circle ‘Pipers Peak’ to watch the stories):

And in other news, all this demo has us hungry, so tonight I made this Spicy Pork with Asparagus and Chile (shown in the feature image). If you like asian food and comfort food, put it on your to-make list

Without further ado, let’s dive right into this week’s links, likes and weekend sales, starting with the lovely orange illustration by Dylan Mierzwinski featured above. I just love the colours.

'When You Quit Being Good' Glennon Doyle and Elyse Lunan on Goop Podcast
Glennon Doyle and Elyse Lunan

I think everybody should listen to The Goop podcast episode When You Quit Being Good with Glennon Doyle. [listen on]

Today only Anthropologie is offering free shipping on all orders. I just adore their new rugs, specifically the Handwoven Sonia and the Zapotec Multi Rug.

In was blown away today to learn that a sandwich I often make and enjoy using a Sandwich Maker is called a jaffle. And there’s oodles of web recipes for them! I had no idea my egg and cheese sandwich press (which is what I call it) is actually called a damn jaffle. I’m not sure how I feel about the name, but I’m liking the looks of this recipe for Baked Bean Jaffles. [I Ate That]

In other food news, to answer all of your “Can I Sub This For That?” food questions, here’s an almost comprehensive answer.

Goldney is a new script font that’s delish.

I’ve been looking for new bathing suits and found Vitamin A which has some really nice suits in a variety of cuts. They also have a bathing-suit fabric ribbed Rica crop t-shirt that has matching bottoms. I imagine being at a resort and wanting lunch or some cover, throwing on a skirt or bottoms and you can go from beach to dinner!

And last but not least, a beautiful Magnolia print from Jasmine Dowling.

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