Fun Work, Rejected Offers, and Cathardic Gardening

It’s been an odd, unpredictable, but generally nice spring.

I’ve been busier with work than I anticipated, which is always a welcome surprise since, as a freelancer, I never know if I’ll make $2,000 in a month of $20,000. I started working with a digital agency in Toronto a few months ago to design an App (which I’ll be able to talk about soon!), and I’ve been re-hired to design another App while overseeing the development of the first App, so it’s been a neat experience as it’s new(er) turf for me as I normally don’t do App or UI much. In any case, it’s kept me quite busy, so I feel like my blog is so low on my priority list (after Design*Sponge, various illustration projects, Piper et al.)

Personally, it’s been equally as new-turf-ish. We’ve been exploring the idea of moving to Hamilton, ON, and even put in an offer on a home that we lost out on by an overbid of 80k! The market is kind of insane right now, so it left me deflated to say the least. We were so excited and I had begun picturing myself there, so it felt a bit strange to come to terms with knowing someone else will be living in the house that I have so many intimate pictures of on my iPhone. Everything happens for a reason, so what can you do! Since then, I’ve been obsessively checking real estate listing sites, Kijiji, even messaging people on Airbnb asking if they are interested in selling. Yeah, I’ve become that insane. It’s both fun and exhausting, and I simply can’t help it. It may be 3 months or 3 years before we find “the one”, so in the meantime, I’m enjoying our current house as much as possible and cathartically gardening.

On another personal note, my hair is getting long and I’m thinking of performing a healthy hack. I wish I had something more exciting to say, but the truth is I’ve simply been woking a lot, so not much else is new other than maintaining a steady lack of social life and down time, as per usual. Thank goodness for Piper for both being the cause of some of that, and the solution by forcing me out of the house 2-4 times a day. Below are some photos from my iPhone that felt worthy of sharing! Enjoy the dump. What are you doing? (PS: Do you live in Hamilton and have an in? Also, can you smell the desperation?…)

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Just outside the door of an elderly person’s apartment complex are the most gorgeous translucent flowers. A photo can’t even capture how delicate they are.

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I’m so proud: my rhubarb bushes have reached puberty! Haha, meaning they’re at least 4-5 years old, so they have produced flower stalks to reproduce. I separated them out and replanted some in my backyard, so Houston, we have offspring!

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Just beside the newly-planted rhubarb bush, my garden is coming along. Last year, this spot I’m standing in had a shed on it, surrounded by just grass, so last fall we knocked it down and dug up nearly 100 square feet of grass to extend a garden.You can also see below how sparse it still is, but it’ll grow in to be lush soon enough! Also note the patchy grass — last fall we also removed a tree where that dirt/patio stones are. It was hollow and leaning towards the house, so we had to wait for the ground to settle before seeding and evening it out, so it’s been ugly on purpose since then. Time heals all!

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From a walk around old Milton just last night. This photo was taken on Queen St, Milton, ON.

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This is Milton’s town (err, should we say city now that the population is over 130k) hall. Can’t get enough of the palette.

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My bedroom makeover is, once again, nearing completion. All I need is my white shag rug and we’re in business! Meaning a before and after photoshoot soon.

Speaking of beds, this moment of stillness was precious and short-lived. As was the one below. The light happens everyday for about 15 minutes around 6pm.

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  • 80K over asking in Hamilton!? Absurd! Move to Kitchener-Waterloo!

  • Linzie

    You are also looking in Hamilton?! That’s great news! Hopefully we will also end up there (or Burlington) within the next couple of months :). Keep trying, you’re bound to find something.

  • Thanks Linzie! You ARE? Oh cool, seems like everyone is making the move! Hope it works out for all of us 🙂

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