My Favorite Podcasts of 2015 to Listen to Now That Serial Is Done

With Serial over, here’s some podcasts I’m currently loving on in 2015.


Invisibilia (Latin for “all the invisible things”), co-hosted by NPR’s Lulu Miller and Alix Spiegel, launched this January 2015. It explores those intangible forces that shape all human behavior; ideas, beliefs, assumptions and emotions. It’s a captivating narrative that weaves a story out of psychology and brain science.


Love + Radio

Love + Radio features in-depth and candid interviews with anyone, chatting about an eclectic range of subjects. They are hilarious, endearing, gross or moving depending on the episode. Nick van der Kolk talks with a taxidermist, someone who experienced a stroke, men who cat-call and the list of random interviewees goes on. Great for a random podcast fling.


StartUp Podcast

StartUp is created by Alex Blumberg whom you may recognize from This American Life and Planet Money. It chronicles his journey of starting his podcast business, Gimlet, which is his words is “meta, I know.” That sounds boring on paper but Alex has managed to make it really interesting by letting us in on his actual business decisions (some of which we all make) such as how to name your company,  courting sponsors, and the mistakes they’ve made along the way. It’s peppered with plenty of funny anecdotes and is reminiscent of the cadence and production quality of This American Life.


This American Life

Probably the most well-known podcast out there, This American Life explores a variety of stories on a specific theme per episode. To quote their about page, “It’s mostly true stories of everyday people, though not always.” Very well-done and lots of content. You could binge listen for weeks and still not hear them all.


Your Dreams My Nightmares

YDMN has been around for quite a while (I think I’ve been listening since art school!?). Essentially, illustrator/painter Sam Weber casually interviews other illustrators—which you might think sounds super niche, but they rarely talk just about illustration. The conversation typically end ups about their childhood, life in New York, social media and its pros and cons, and explores more philosophical topics.


Reply All

Reply All is actually a podcast produced by the new podcast business (Gimlet) I talked about earlier (the one with its own podcast, StartUp) Reply All is a show about the internet, essentially. Once again, same high level of production and interesting hosts, PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman.


The Heart

The Heart is a top-rated podcast on iTunes so I gave it a shot and it was pretty cool, but you have to be in the mood to listen to stories about love and intimacy. The Heart hosts frank, open and candid conversations about the things you feel, but you don’t know how to name.


+Honorable Mentions

The People Podcast

An interview podcast by Elliott Malkin where he interviews random but interesting people. There’s only 5 episodes, but for a new podcast so far, it’s cool.

After The Jump

This past year, Grace Bonney hosted the show where she chatted with creatives about art, design and business. Grace recently announced her leave from the show and they have yet to announce the newest host, but worth listening to for sure!

The Build Up

Started by Bobby Solomon of The Fox is Black together with Jon Setzen, they chat about about design, websites, apps, the morals of technology music and lots more. I haven’t been listening to it for as long as some of the others mentioned, but so far, I’m into it.


I made a playlist with some of my favorite episodes for ya for a small taste:

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Photo adapted from a photo by Alejandro Escamilla

What are your fave podcasts? Share below and let me know, I can’t have enough podcasts!


  1. Yes! I was looking for some more to listen to!

    Have you listened to There’s No Such Thing As A Fish? It’s a funny British podcast riddled with random facts. It’s pretty damn funny, and oddly educational 🙂

  2. Try Stuff You Should Know from How Stuff Works. Super interesting information, some on things I thought I already knew. Bonus, the guys that host work great together and their sometime off topic tangents are way funny.

  3. Such a good list! I get the Podcast of the CBC radio’s under the influence with terry o’reilly. Stories about advertising and marketing, what has worked, what hasnt for various products, mediums. Really intriguing information.

  4. Thanks for a great list! I’m excited to check a couple of these out. I really love “On Being” hosted by Krista Tippet. She has a crazy soothing voice and very interesting guests. Happy weekend!

  5. My passion is comedy and these are my favourite podcasts:

    The Dollop – with Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds
    TOFOP – with Wil Anderson, Charlie Clausen and other guests
    I Love Green Guide Letters – Steele Saunders
    The Little Dum Dum Club – Karl Chandler and Tommy Dassallo

    These guys are all hilarious and I can’t recommend them enough.

  6. Really great list! I’m excited to delve into these for my upcoming weeklong painting binge!

    I’m really into Death, Sex and Money ( Anna Sale has some fascinating characters on her show, discussing topics that you wouldn’t normally bring up with strangers.

    The Dork Forest by Jackie Kashian is pretty great. She’s a hilarious comedian and her podcast is just interviewing people about their passions (what they’re total “dorks” about).

    99% Invisible is a really cool podcast that designers in particular can really get into – it delves deep into the things we encounter everyday but don’t always think about (like the invention of the bar code).

    And finally, Professor Blastoff. Because Tig Notaro.

  7. New podcasts- yay! I currently love Radio Lab, Here’s the Thing, Death Sex and Money, The Sporkful, Splendid Table, and always Savage Love

  8. I was so sad to hear that Grace was taking a break from After The Jump! Truly one of my favourite podcasts.

    I also love The Lively Show and of course, the one that started it all for me Design Matters!

  9. I’m a big fan of the Ten Minute Podcast with Bryan Callen, Will Sasso and Chris D’Elia. All three very funny comedians in their own right, but together they are borderline ridiculous. As the name suggests they are only ten minutes long, so perfect for slipping in between some more serious podcasts. They can get a little out of hand at times, but thats what you’d expect from three friends stuck in a room all day recording podcasts. Well worth a listen if you are looking for something a little more light hearted.

  10. Hi!

    Loved your list. I stumbled upon it because I was googling Love and Radio’s “An old lion or a lover’s lute”.

    It is great to see how people in the english speaking world embrace podcasting. Not quite a thing still in Mexico, where I live and come from.

    But hey, if you want to give it a try, you should listen to Magis Radio and Radio Ambulante, for starters.

  11. Ooh a useful list, thanks – I need some new Podcasts to listen to on my commute now that Serial’s come to an end.

    Others I enjoy are Marc Maron’s WTF podcast, The Nerdist, and BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs.

  12. Many that you’ve mentioned are on my list. I also enjoy Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin, and Design Matters with Debbie Millman… when she puts them out.

    I probably have too many I subscribe to at any given time, but it’s always good to see what else is going on out there. The only problem is that hundreds and hundreds of new shows are showing up each week, and there’s probably a ton of great, new content, but we may never find it in the clutter.

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