My tips for natural, oral self-care 🙂 Use fluoride-free toothpaste! I use a tea tree and neem oil Wintergreen formula from Desert Essence. Scrape your tongue daily! I use this copper scraper. Buy a set of dental tools and perform self-cleaning! Massage your jaw with guasha and practice releasing your clenche

I went for a nice long walk with Piper this morning for the first time in what feels like forever! It’s been a rainy week here in Squamish, not that I’ve noticed much—we’ve both been so busy working, preparing for our Holiday travels to the UK, and dealing with / figuring out / planning all [&hellip

Wow. What an eye-opening month it has been. Ever since I shared that I was quitting Save My Reno, I’ve been bombarded with realizations about work, worth and wellness—themes that seem to have punctuated my adulthood. On the other side of listening to and acting on my instincts was not what I was expecti

Lately I’ve been a bit frustrated, mostly with myself. For as long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with direction in my career.  I, like many, have worked myriad jobs over the past decade. I’ve filled creative roles within advertising, tech, teaching and TV. But despite being proud of my achiev

It’s easier than ever to compare ourselves to others. And for me, this has extended to comparing myself to others in my creative field. With the internet at our fingertips, image-overloaded social media apps, and screens everywhere, we wake up and go to sleep watching how other people work and live (or wa

Oh, what can change in a year, what the future can hold if we only dare to dream. It’s funny how one simple thought — a hypothetical “what if?” — can find its way inside your brain, take residency deep in your mind, and pester you at will. Thoughts are relentless and beautiful beas

Lately I’ve been shuddering when a new work email lands in my inbox. And it’s tough, because I feel so grateful to be “successful” in work, but on the other hand, I’m tired. And I can’t truly even name why. Some days, all I want to do is lie on my couch and watch Love [&helli