What I wouldn’t give to be snuggled on this big cream sofa in this cottage in the archipelago of Vindö, Stockholm. It may be on an island, a stone’s throw from the Baltic sea, but there’s something so comforting about it that makes you feel at home.  Get the laid-back

Started by two busy bees, Becca Gilgan and Eugen Sakhnenko, Worker Bee Supply Co. collaborates with artists to encourage, inspire, and uplift. And today on my Instagram, I’m hosting a give-away of their most recent print by Jeannie Phan! (Instructions to win at the bottom of this post.) Geared towards t

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing [&h

    Image sources: Valentin Chenaille   |   Overgrowth   |   Xochi Solis   |   Pink Floyd Pig (designed by Roger Waters and built by Jeffrey Shaw)   |   Jolly Guillaume   |   Julien Martin   |   Joe Kral   |   Valentin Chenaille

I’m holding out for a new house before investing in a new bed. It’s a silly moment to stand my ground, but while our mattress game sucks — a popped coil digs into my back, and our foam topper pad is half-gone from when Piper ate chunks of it as a puppy in a fit of […]

Guys, my backyard is so so dope. I’m tickled pink — err, black. [If you’ve been following along with my backyard renovation, you know how junky and dysfunctional the space used to be. (And if you missed it, check out the full before post here and my shopping list here and a cost breakdown he

I discovered Anu on Instagram when I happened upon a photo of what I thought was her home. After a quick double-tap, it took me a few finger-scrolls to realize that — unless human-sized stuffed chipmunks exist — the home was actually a miniature dollhouse, a project she’s been working on and sharing via

My backyard has been “undergoing renovations” for the past two years. One of the reasons I fell for this house was because of the potential that the backyard had. It was huge but overgrown in the wrong places, undergrown in the right places, and spoke to the previous elderly home owners. It was da

This post originally appeared on Hello Yellow. Admittedly, I’ve never been a fan of the all-grey trend. In many cases, it can come off as sterile or cold, and the last thing you want your home to feel is either of those adjectives. However, on the other hand, I will always champion buying neutral-toned

When it comes to my own decor style, I never quite know how to put it into words. Like many, I’m influenced by everything from fashion trends, content found on my favorite blogs, the movies and music I watch and listen to, and, well, even by what shows up in my Instagram and Pinterest feeds. As som

Recently, I partnered with Leon’s Furniture to transform my bland, dark, storage-less bedroom into a cozy sanctuary with plenty of space for jammies and plants. Check out the video above (made by Wild and Light) to see the transformation unfold and get my insight into the design process. Get the full scoo

A few weeks ago, Grace, my Editor in Cheif at Design*Sponge asked the entire D*S team to open up their homes and show them off on the site. I was hesitant at first, as up until recently, I’ve been considering moving and have been house-hunting for nearly 6 months. It’s been an un-enjoyable process t

My living room has gone through a few iterations when it comes to furniture. Rugs, couches, plants and side tables have come and gone. But up until last week, my gallery wall had remained the same. This was my set-up when I first moved in 18 months ago: The few months that followed saw a […]

For the longest time, teal conjured up images of nautical-themed rooms or distressed vintage furniture for me, all of which aren’t my cup of tea. But lately I’ve been having a new appreciation for the hue, when pale and light. I still can’t quite love fully-saturated teal, and I may never, but

I totally resonate with April Brimer. After working digitally as a commercial photographer for years, she was craving something more analog. In 2013, April caved and dove head-first into the world and possibilities of ceramics. Her darling line of ceramic housewares, jewelry and objects, The Pursuits of Happine

I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve shared some of my life behind the scenes, so feast your eyes on some shots from my Instagram and some that have been sitting in my iPhone’s Camera Roll for months. I found these Kenneth Cole Reaction black slip-ons from Winners a few weeks back. These [

With fall in full swing and winter around the corner, this DIY throw blanket is useful, beautiful and easy to make. A perfect weekend afternoon project! I poke around my local thrift store every few weeks and was tickled when I found this dotted and arrow patterned beauty. I was saving it for just the […

I’m about to end the life of this f*&$ing pot holder I’ve been knitting this thing with polyester rope which has  nearly killed me. I swear it’ll be the death of me. Heavy sarcasm aside, it ended up looking great, and seems like it would function fantastically as a pot holder, only it&

When I was a little girl, I stuck a ball of beeswax up my nose. “I wish I could smell this forever!” were my famous last words before breaking out into panicked hysteria. I was making homemade candles with my family to enter into the annual Fall Fair competition in Milton, and I just couldn’t

Plants make people happy. No, really, dirt and gardening scientifically makes people happy. Maybe it’s because I’m a tad obsessed with my plants and garden at the mo’, but while leafing through the 2015 IKEA Catalog, I couldn’t help but notice their smart use of plants to serve a purpose