Behind The Scenes of My Tweaked Living Room Looks + Video

On Friday, I shared this video on YouTube on how to shop your own home to create two different looks for your living space (seen above) by simply tweaking and swapping out decor and smaller items.

And today, I’m sharing some behind the scenes photos as well as a fun time-lapse video that takes you behind the scenes of us creating the video and post.

Below are a few photos of what our living room looked like once we emptied it of all of the decor and smaller furniture pieces and items.



It just goes to show you that if this is what your home looks like and you feel like you have no space, there’s always room to infuse your own personality and style with simple decor and low-investment items.



We emptied that room onto (and around) the dining table, and below is what that looked like. On top of the stuff from my living room, I shopped my home and grabbed a bunch of other items to add to the mix.



The first look I showcased, I referred to in the video as “Scandinavian Cottage.” I simply shopped my own home for anything cream, white, off-white and nature-inspired. Lots of natural fibers, negative space and easy-going furniture and decor.

IMG_9249 IMG_9251 IMG_9253 IMG_9254 IMG_9258

The second look (which I chose to stay with, and which I didn’t get a ton of photos of on my phone) I call “Maximal”. Tons of colour, different materials and textures, and layering, but still balanced out with some neutral tones and plenty of plants. (If you like this look, shop similar items here).

IMG_9272 IMG_9275-2 IMG_9282

The piece above is by yours truly (you can buy a print here).

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