I Got a Central Vac—And It’s Amazing

Pals, I think I’ve officially hit peak adulting: I got central vac installed in my home.

Call me Suzy Homemaker,—or don’t—but regardless of nicknames (Suzy Homemaker not among mine, for clarity sake), there’s something very rewarding and deliberate about having a home outfitted with a BEAM Alliance central vacuum system.

In all honesty, it wasn’t something I thought about in the first few years of home-ownership. My priority was replacing the roof and windows, then renovating spaces that irked me, and then decking the place out in furniture and decor I loved.

But jump-cut to getting a dog—one with black, white and brown fur, mind you—and suddenly a good vacuum became a huge priority.

I love Piper, but holy cow-dog does she shed a ton! Add in the fact that my entryway opens into my living space so I’m battling mud in the spring, grass in the summer, leaves in the fall and salt in the winter. Compound this with a massive real wool rug which sheds (and will continue to for another year or so), and I knew it was time for an upgrade.

While it worked great, I found my old vacuum kicked back a ton of hot air, and emptying it was a pain. I also found that my variety of rug fluff always caught around the turbine, so I’d spend a good 15 minutes each session with it upside down, cutting and pulling out strings. But this BEAM beauty comes with a carpet cleaning head which has a built-in razor (see that little blue-outlined button?) that cuts any strings that jam the brush roll with the press of a toe.

Elsewhere, the regular vacuum head works just peachy on my wood floors. But better yet, it’s super lightweight, so it’s not a chore to lug it out for a quick clean-up. And it’s half as quiet as other vacuums. Piper normally barks to high heavens when I vacuum, but she isn’t bothered by this one at all.

Overall, I’m really happy with my BEAM system and if you’ve been toying with it, it’s well worth it (and the installation was fast and painless, done by Etobicoke Service Centre Ltd.)! After renovating my entire house, it’s the cherry on top of a happy home for my and Piper. 🙂

x, S

Big thanks to BEAM and their team of amazing installers for making this possible. You guys rock.


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