My tips for natural, oral self-care 🙂 Use fluoride-free toothpaste! I use a tea tree and neem oil Wintergreen formula from Desert Essence. Scrape your tongue daily! I use this copper scraper. Buy a set of dental tools and perform self-cleaning! Massage your jaw with guasha and practice releasing your clenche

Better late than never, right? Enjoy new tracks from Charlotte Cardin, JGRREY, Lana Del Ray, Louis The Child, KALEO, Blacksmith and Dan Mangan, Joy Oladokum, Jorja Smith and more! Listen on Apple Music or Spotify 🙂

The smallest planet in our solar system, and the one closest to the sun, is transiting across the constellation Gemini over the next two months. In short, you can prepare for a burst of extroverted energy this month. Mercury is always moving, collecting and dispersing data. It’s the planet of communication an

Music heals. I don’t care who or where you are, but when you find a song that hits right, it vibrates within you. These Covid-19 days, I rely heavily on my tunes to set my mood and inspire me. If you need a good workout session, focused work time, or you’re aimlessly driving or out […]

This month’s playlist is a dark horse, boys and girls. I ignored it for weeks, adding songs to it sporadically but without any one big banger, until it stacked up to deliver something pretty sweet. All of this month’s songs are the kind that grow on you with a second and third listen. I hope [&helli