Since we made the move from Ontario to BC, getting lost in the great outdoors is a regular and sought out occurrence. You just can’t help the call of the wild—and after exploring a lot of our home by foot and bike (Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton), overlanding was the next best way to get deeper [&hell

Some old favourites (I see you, Marvin Gaye, Meek Mill, Atmosphere), and some new hot tracks from Verzache, H.E.R., Allan Rayman, KIRBY, and Alina Baraz. Enjoy your February playlist, friends! B46G12pd3u12u52287A1

Hey everyone! Hope you’re doing well in your corner of the world. Things have been busy in our lives here in Squamish, so I’m on coffee #2 of the day, inspiring the above photo of Press (Magnolia’s coffee company). We had friends staying with us over the past few weeks, and then my dad arrived