Hey guys, what’s new? How are you enjoying the new site design? In my corner of the world, I’ve been enjoying the sun after a week of straight rain and taking advantage of it with lots of walks—sure, they’ve been quite wet and slushy, and getting caught in the rain or happening across a floo

I’m welcoming 2020 with open arms! After a year of transition and growth, I’m feeling really grounded, self-assured and ready to work on everything I’m passionate about. There’s so much to look forward to—restoring our chalet, learning how to ski, having friends and family visit, devel

2019 was filled with life-changing moments, and in the final weeks before 2020, life introduced just one more: On December 23rd 2019, we became the proud new owners of an original 1980s chalet in Whistler—and we could not be more thrilled to finally share it! Our search for a place to call home on the [&helli