We may never again live in a world that’s spelled out for us. And for that I am thankful—business as usual was never my forte anyhow. Instead of spending these years in worry or fear or anticipation, put the possibility of a beautiful future filled with abundance and peace in your thoughts. Don’t just sit

It’s already been a big month, and we’ve only just begun! I turned 30 on 12/01, we have a lunar eclipse on 12/14, the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter on 12/21 and a full moon on 12/30! Plus the luck and synchronicities that 12/12 will bring. So let’s celebrate and enjoy each milestone with g

Happy November everyone! Enjoy 1:10 of my most loved tracks of the month, including brand new tracks from Anderson .Paak, Aaron Taylor, Jacob Banks, Bahamas, Dave B., Dirty Art Club, and Jinsang!

I discovered a few new artists this month including Love Mansuy. I had heard a song or two of his before, but now it’s a name I remember, look for and love the sound of. Count on that for Caye, Mick Jenkins and Plusma. Add in new tracks from Tash Sultana (last month’s obsession), Jacob […]

I’m serving a very chill, easy-listening playlist this month. With new songs from Anna Sofia, Gallant, Remi Wolf, 6LACK, and good recent ones from Alina Baraz, A$AP ROCKY, Hippie Sabotage, cehryl and more. Enjoy on Apple Music or Spotify and follow me on Instagram for my top 5 faves right in your stories!

This month I am chock full of inspiration! It’s been a really fulfilling few weeks of work, both on our home and on various design projects (I just wrapped up a Branding Package for Kristen Sanger), and there’s been a nice rhythm to the past month. We’ve enjoyed some lake days and sunburns, an

How your body looks has nothing to do with what it can do. And what you can do when you stop caring is going to make you love yourself so much. I used to care a lot about my image. I often stopped myself from doing things until I felt ready. But the thing is, feeling […]

August 2020’s playlist is on one after discovering a slew of new artists I’m obsessed with: Tash Sultana, CJ Run, George Alice and Aquilo, I see you! This month’s mix has new tracks from George Alice & Nasaya, Blu & Exile, Nick Mulvey, Billy Lemos & Monsune, Alextbh, Spillage Villa

Summer’s arrival was tardy here in British Columbia, but it did finally show up by August. Though night’s among the pines are cooler, daytime highs are in the 30s, and we are thriving! With access to two lakes within a block of home, we feel very very lucky and have been enjoying frequent swims and

Summer finally arrived here in Whistler! After a cold and rainy June and July start, we’re enjoying 30° sunny days and clear nights at long last. A few mosquitos this year, so copal incense is coming in handy (it’s a natural bug deterrent!), but working, resting and eating in the dappled sun on the

Heading up the summer 2020 playlist is a song called Tadow by Masego and FKJ. Not only is it catchy, it has some serious saxophone in it. And the live video of them performing it is equally fun to experience. It should be on your summer watch-and-playlist. Add on another 22 tracks and you have […]

One of the coolest days in any renovation is when finishes arrive—I live for delivery and box opening! And today was a day I’ve dreamed about for months: our CRAFT hardwood floors arrived. Hardwood flooring is a feature so prominent in a design that it’s often one of the first things you source. In our [&

With our bathrooms almost complete, the final thing to source and choose is a bathroom vanity.  We’re pricing out a custom piece, but if you know me then you know that in the meantime I’ve scoured all of my favourite shops for the coolest vanities out there right now—and some are even on sale! Whethe

The last time I shared an update on our cabin (AKA Piper’s Peak), the world was a different place—as was our home. But then again, every week here has been eventful, marked by its own set of challenges and achievements. Day over day, this house has transformed, and capturing each moment has been an impossib

Leather, lambskin, boucle, cane, velvet, you name it, it’s on these curated accent chairs! Relatively inexpensive and extremely useful, accent chairs are a great way to add a pop of visual interest, colour, pattern or eccentricity to any space. And this season, there’s no shortage of interesting ang

I’ve had Amber Mark’s Heart-Shaped Box stuck in my head for weeks! I sing it cleaning, I sing it driving, I sing it to Piper. I just cannot get enough. Just like I can’t get enough of If This Is Love by Xavier Omär and One Night by Two Another. And I wish for all […]

Radishes are the greatest underdog of the vegetable world. Over there last year, radishes have become a fridge staple. Not only are they super affordable, but they’re super healing, especially for anyone with thyroid or auto-immune diseases, like me! These tubers seem like an afterthought, or something yo

April has been on one, hey? What a strange month/year/time/season. And what better way to add to your joy or take you out of your rut than music?! Enjoy April’s mix of new 2020 tunes and some old goodies that just feel so right right now.

Brass is timeless, comes in a variety of finishes to suit a variety of looks, and is applicable to almost any style or look. It pairs beautifully with black, white, wood—and even other metals like steel and nickel—and within our own home, it was a natural choice. With pine ceilings, black fixtures and light

What a time to be alive! With everyone quarantined at home or socially isolating, there’s no better time to enjoy some music. Get lost in my March 2020 mix, and if you want more, there’s almost a decade of playlists curated by yours truly on here, so enjoy!

Since we made the move from Ontario to BC, getting lost in the great outdoors is a regular and sought out occurrence. You just can’t help the call of the wild—and after exploring a lot of our home by foot and bike (Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton), overlanding was the next best way to get deeper [&hell

Some old favourites (I see you, Marvin Gaye, Meek Mill, Atmosphere), and some new hot tracks from Verzache, H.E.R., Allan Rayman, KIRBY, and Alina Baraz. Enjoy your February playlist, friends! B46G12pd3u12u52287A1

Hey everyone! Hope you’re doing well in your corner of the world. Things have been busy in our lives here in Squamish, so I’m on coffee #2 of the day, inspiring the above photo of Press (Magnolia’s coffee company). We had friends staying with us over the past few weeks, and then my dad arrived

Hey guys, what’s new? How are you enjoying the new site design? In my corner of the world, I’ve been enjoying the sun after a week of straight rain and taking advantage of it with lots of walks—sure, they’ve been quite wet and slushy, and getting caught in the rain or happening across a floo

I’m welcoming 2020 with open arms! After a year of transition and growth, I’m feeling really grounded, self-assured and ready to work on everything I’m passionate about. There’s so much to look forward to—restoring our chalet, learning how to ski, having friends and family visit, devel

2019 was filled with life-changing moments, and in the final weeks before 2020, life introduced just one more: On December 23rd 2019, we became the proud new owners of an original 1980s chalet in Whistler—and we could not be more thrilled to finally share it! Our search for a place to call home on the [&helli