Happy July everyone! This month’s playlist is high on my faves list. New music from Laura Marling (pictured), cehryl, Fruit Bats, Golden Vessel, Ty Dolla Sign, Fat Tony, Billy Lemos, Amelia Curran, and more!

After pining for one for over a year, I finally made my dream a reality and got myself a brand new 2019 Jeep Wrangler JLU! Mike and I are currently modifying it (lift, rack, new tires/wheels, etc.) to make it the ultimate adventure-mobile for overlanding! Then, in September, we’re packing up and driving f

Since the day we arrived in Squamish, it was clear that our home’s second bedroom was all Piper’s. What the second bedroom was not, however, was quite ready for guests—nor was the bathroom. The guest bed and bathroom (located side-by-side upstairs, separated from our master suite by a home studio)