The past 365 days of Piper’s life has undoubtedly been her best. Moving here greatly improved our quality of life, but the real winner is everyone’s favourite blue heeler border collie mix pup, Piper who turns five tomorrow. So today to celebrate the last day of 2019, I’ve rounded up 100 of my

I went for a nice long walk with Piper this morning for the first time in what feels like forever! It’s been a rainy week here in Squamish, not that I’ve noticed much—we’ve both been so busy working, preparing for our Holiday travels to the UK, and dealing with / figuring out / planning all [&hellip

The Shins were one of my favourite bands growing up. So much so that I made my own fan  T-shirt using an iron-on-transfer and wore it to high school on a civvies day. Flash forward to last month listening to Broken Bells (the #1 song on this playlist) and couldn’t shake the sense that the […]

Maura Tierney’s west village townhouse is living me mega chalet-inspiration for an upcoming project I can’t wait to share more about 😉 Oh Renoir, you speak the damn truth. Design by @oliviaherrickdesign This kitchen by Avenue Lifestyle is giving me mad inspiration for over-the-counter shelving.  Sau

This past year, I was invited back alongside HGTV Canada’s top builders, designers and real estate experts to renovate, restore and give away another beautiful home on Home To Win. This time around, I was partnered with Mike Holmes Jr. and it was our job to breathe new life into the living room and laundry [&

For the last ten years, simply out of passion, I have been sourcing and sharing art, decor and products I find online. Curation is a natural inclination of mine—links + likes (where I share cool things, products and people I find online) and the playlists I create monthly are my longest-standing blog categori

It’s been 365 days since Mike, Piper and I drove across the country from Milton to Squamish, alternating driving shifts as we crossed Ontario, Winnipeg, Saskatchewan and Alberta before landing in British Columbia. Each night along the way, we’d wheel the houseplants we crammed in the back of the truck i

For the past six years, home (and everything that entails) has become a huge part of my life. It first began in November 2013 when I found myself as the final winning bidder on a little home at an estate auction in Milton, Ontario. And ever since I got the keys to my first place, […]

Well, here we are. It’s October and rain season has started. The leaves are changing and this darn cold is unshakable. I’m busy working on one hundred and twenty three things and my mind is go-go-going. I’ll be unloading a TON of posts and news soon, but for now, let’s hit play on some g

Maison de la Luz is a new, luxury 67-room guest house by creative studio Atelier Ace (behind Ace Hotel Group). And it’s stunning. I shot this photo of Atwell Peak and Garibaldi Park in Squamish yesterday. Thought I’d share the beauty of the first fresh layer of snow. This zodiac bandana is

Villa Grey is the work of two brothers from Hanaskog, and its stunning. And, as always, you can check out even more links + likes (including funny memes, videos of alpacas, etc.) on my Instagram stories, every day these go live here on the blog!

If I had to sum up the past year of my life in a word or two, it’d be ‘finding alignment’. And the year before that, it was simply ‘getting to know myself’. Intentional or not, I’ve been shifting in directions more true to me since 2017. This journey started with a solo trip to [&hel

Happy July everyone! This month’s playlist is high on my faves list. New music from Laura Marling (pictured), cehryl, Fruit Bats, Golden Vessel, Ty Dolla Sign, Fat Tony, Billy Lemos, Amelia Curran, and more!

After pining for one for over a year, I finally made my dream a reality and got myself a brand new 2019 Jeep Wrangler JLU! Mike and I are currently modifying it (lift, rack, new tires/wheels, etc.) to make it the ultimate adventure-mobile for overlanding! Then, in September, we’re packing up and driving f

Since the day we arrived in Squamish, it was clear that our home’s second bedroom was all Piper’s. What the second bedroom was not, however, was quite ready for guests—nor was the bathroom. The guest bed and bathroom (located side-by-side upstairs, separated from our master suite by a home studio)

If you told me a year ago that we’d be spending most weekends overlanding and backcountry camping in remote and beautiful areas of BC, I’d have told you, “you’re nuts.”  Then add to that watching The Office in “bed” from our truck tent on our rigged up iPad with a comfy queen mattress situati

Wow. What an eye-opening month it has been. Ever since I shared that I was quitting Save My Reno, I’ve been bombarded with realizations about work, worth and wellness—themes that seem to have punctuated my adulthood. On the other side of listening to and acting on my instincts was not what I was expecti

I firmly believe that nothing should stop us from loving where we live. And being a renter again wasn’t going to get in my way of making smart modifications to better our home. Because it’s not about owning vs. renting—it’s not even about money—, it’s about comfort and pride. And tha

We’re at the mid-way mark of April (how?) so what better time to hit y’all with April’s playlist! This one’s a mix of chill-hop, experimental, alt singer-songwriter, with some sneaky mo-town and soul there to keep you on your toes. Hope you enjoy! x, S Apple Music: Spotify:

Happy Friday everyone! I just got home from vacationing in Jamaica (it was awesome, will post about it later) so I’m serving up some good vibes in the form of this month’s playlist, which is a special one. Brought to you by my better half (in celebration of his 30th birthday), enjoy Mike’s Mar

It’s been a beautiful February here in Squamish, and fresh for you this Monday morning, I’m serving up a new playlist with music from Still Woozy, Week, alt-J, Kid Bloom, Nohidea, Drees and more. Hope you enjoy! Apple Music: Spotify:

Lately I’ve been a bit frustrated, mostly with myself. For as long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with direction in my career.  I, like many, have worked myriad jobs over the past decade. I’ve filled creative roles within advertising, tech, teaching and TV. But despite being proud of my achiev

As I walked up to this house on day one of filming, I knew we were in for a treat. The first thing I noticed was the architecture. Build in the mid-century, the home still had may original features (think sunken living room, a spiral staircase, two story windows, a gorgeous private yard with a […]

The simple art of placing books on a ledge has brought me joy lately. In the new living room, we have a large window with a deep ledge on it, and I had debated getting a custom bench seat made, but the ledge isn’t totally flat: there’s a step-up 2/3rds of the way deep that […]

From the living room in the front of the home to the kitchen in the back, we fully gutted and renovated Michael and Elise’s main floor to give them a peaceful, TV-free family oasis. Missed it? Watched full episodes on where you can also find tons of behind-the-scenes bonus content! The soft sage g

When we first arrived at Sir Cedric’s Treehouse, we were greeted by a gaggle of large geese, a handful of horses, and a large flag that read, “WORLD PEACE”, which perfectly set the stage for the interesting and memorable weekend to follow. As we unloaded the truck and paused to stretch our legs, a big [&h

Ever since I spotted a headboard made from a vintage wrestling mat, I’ve been a hound for cool headboards. From Mandy Moore’s bedroom (see the feature image) to one of my favourite NYC hotels, Guild Hall, headboards are used to add visual impact while serving a functional purpose: offering a comfortable, so

Set your PVRs! On January 10th at 10pm on HGTV Canada, catch the season two premier of Save My Reno to see what I’ve been up to over the last year. This season we renovated a barn, the basement of a famous athlete, created a play space for a baby on the way, renovated whole main floors for