It’s easier than ever to compare ourselves to others. And for me, this has extended to comparing myself to others in my creative field. With the internet at our fingertips, image-overloaded social media apps, and screens everywhere, we wake up and go to sleep watching how other people work and live (or wa

When it comes to my own decor style, I never quite know how to put it into words. Like many, I’m influenced by everything from fashion trends, content found on my favorite blogs, the movies and music I watch and listen to, and, well, even by what shows up in my Instagram and Pinterest feeds. As som

Oh, what can change in a year, what the future can hold if we only dare to dream. It’s funny how one simple thought — a hypothetical “what if?” — can find its way inside your brain, take residency deep in your mind, and pester you at will. Thoughts are relentless and beautiful beas