Dark, moody, textural, layered, eclectic, escapist, natural, and re-purposed. These are just a few of the words used to describe the predictions for 2017’s style trends. Oodles of sites have already made predictions for the home design trends that will be hot in 2017, and today I’m weighing in on th

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind! I’ve gone from being a freelance homebody that barely left home to essentially becoming a nomad; living out of a bag, driving across the GTA from place to place, leaving a trail of granola bar crumbs, drywall dust, and hairspray. And actually wearing shoes on th

    1. The home of Adelaide Daniell, Fraser Daniell and Harry Scott via The Design Files (Photo by Eve Wilson) 2. Peter Langer 3.  Monni Jungle 4. A bungalow redesigned by foundry12 via Home Adore 5. Susann Stefanizen 6. Jonni Cheatwood

This weekend is my final weekend before my life takes a new turn — a turn I’ve been anxiously waiting for and anticipating since early 2016. As I write this, I’m sitting in my backyard listening to the hiss of the cicadas, Piper lying on the grass at my side, and soaking it all in. […]

What I wouldn’t give to be snuggled on this big cream sofa in this cottage in the archipelago of Vindö, Stockholm. It may be on an island, a stone’s throw from the Baltic sea, but there’s something so comforting about it that makes you feel at home.  Get the laid-back

Started by two busy bees, Becca Gilgan and Eugen Sakhnenko, Worker Bee Supply Co. collaborates with artists to encourage, inspire, and uplift. And today on my Instagram, I’m hosting a give-away of their most recent print by Jeannie Phan! (Instructions to win at the bottom of this post.) Geared towards t

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing [&h

    Image sources: Valentin Chenaille   |   Overgrowth   |   Xochi Solis   |   Pink Floyd Pig (designed by Roger Waters and built by Jeffrey Shaw)   |   Jolly Guillaume   |   Julien Martin   |   Joe Kral   |   Valentin Chenaille

I’m holding out for a new house before investing in a new bed. It’s a silly moment to stand my ground, but while our mattress game sucks — a popped coil digs into my back, and our foam topper pad is half-gone from when Piper ate chunks of it as a puppy in a fit of […]

Since I shared my last playlist, mother earth has given us three seasons. (Sorry!) Here’s some notable things I’ve done since (which I’m hoping can explain why I’ve failed to post music lately): I taught design and illustration at Sheridan I wrote 200 blog posts (some here, but most o

Everything I’ve been loving for the past month — from hand-formed plates and baseball caps to nail polish, sugar and salt. (Click the photos to visit the links to shop my loved items yourself.) https://youtu.be/ZT3K83MXVfw 1. Tinted and smoked glass jugs and beverage ware Move aside boring, clear

Guys, my backyard is so so dope. I’m tickled pink — err, black. [If you’ve been following along with my backyard renovation, you know how junky and dysfunctional the space used to be. (And if you missed it, check out the full before post here and my shopping list here and a cost breakdown he

I discovered Anu on Instagram when I happened upon a photo of what I thought was her home. After a quick double-tap, it took me a few finger-scrolls to realize that — unless human-sized stuffed chipmunks exist — the home was actually a miniature dollhouse, a project she’s been working on and sharing via

My backyard has been “undergoing renovations” for the past two years. One of the reasons I fell for this house was because of the potential that the backyard had. It was huge but overgrown in the wrong places, undergrown in the right places, and spoke to the previous elderly home owners. It was da

Full disclosure: I have been guilty of approaching my work and career with a utilitarian mindset for years, and it’s finally run its course. And as a result, my portfolio is almost entirely made up of images created to satisfy a stiff brief. These images are strange to me. And these images don’t b

Another week has gone by awaiting a big opportunity — and my patience is being tested — but I’m very hopeful and am crossing all of my fingers and appendages for this to pull through! Otherwise I’ve been busy giving my bedroom closet a barn-door makeover (coming soon), working on fun Des

This post originally appeared on Hello Yellow. Admittedly, I’ve never been a fan of the all-grey trend. In many cases, it can come off as sterile or cold, and the last thing you want your home to feel is either of those adjectives. However, on the other hand, I will always champion buying neutral-toned

It’s easier than ever to compare ourselves to others. And for me, this has extended to comparing myself to others in my creative field. With the internet at our fingertips, image-overloaded social media apps, and screens everywhere, we wake up and go to sleep watching how other people work and live (or wa

When it comes to my own decor style, I never quite know how to put it into words. Like many, I’m influenced by everything from fashion trends, content found on my favorite blogs, the movies and music I watch and listen to, and, well, even by what shows up in my Instagram and Pinterest feeds. As som

Oh, what can change in a year, what the future can hold if we only dare to dream. It’s funny how one simple thought — a hypothetical “what if?” — can find its way inside your brain, take residency deep in your mind, and pester you at will. Thoughts are relentless and beautiful beas

Writing the first week in review post of 2016 brought a lot of pressure, probably heightened by the fact that I haven’t even shared a week in review post in a month or so! Whoops. What can I say? Life. Work. Family. Goals. These things get in the way. Kanye just dropped a new track, Real Friends, [&hell

It’s been just over one week that my kitchen renovation has been complete, and I’ve finally been able to enjoy the fruits — err, cookies — of my labour. This weekend, my Nonna came over to give her Italian seal of approval on my kitchen and my Frigidaire Professional® appliances, and, t