I had a bit of a crazy weekend in my personal life; in exciting ways and not-so-nice ways. I don’t quite have the energy to craft a big intro, so forgive me, but trust it’s a good one. Music always soothes my soul and is a cure-all, so this week’s mix is just for me […]

My living room has gone through a few iterations when it comes to furniture. Rugs, couches, plants and side tables have come and gone. But up until last week, my gallery wall had remained the same. This was my set-up when I first moved in 18 months ago: The few months that followed saw a […]

LEISURE, a new band from Auckland, NZ leads the way with my favorite kind of song — one that has a slow melody and fast beat. After that is an instrumental track that is anything but boring. It may, in fact, be super duper (pun intended). Then some blues by Jimi Charles Moody feeds my […]

For the longest time, teal conjured up images of nautical-themed rooms or distressed vintage furniture for me, all of which aren’t my cup of tea. But lately I’ve been having a new appreciation for the hue, when pale and light. I still can’t quite love fully-saturated teal, and I may never, but