This months photo dump features a few snaps from my life, most of which I’ve shared on Instagram. After selling my Gus* sofa on Kijiji (found it uncomfortable although the quality was amazing), I hunted for affordable comfort and snatched up this yellow number, the Gramercy from The Bay. The frame&#8217

It’s been a while. I know, I know. Life has been busy and hectic and full of all kinds of stuff, but all the while, this music has been keeping me going. Enjoy this 22-track wonder on fall drives, at work, or just hanging around the house.

Recently, I partnered with Leon’s Furniture to transform my bland, dark, storage-less bedroom into a cozy sanctuary with plenty of space for jammies and plants. Check out the video above (made by Wild and Light) to see the transformation unfold and get my insight into the design process. Get the full scoo

After a short hiatus, my playlists are back! Thanks to those of you who have pushed for their return and commented saying how much you miss them — I feel bad. I missed them too — but life and work got in the way, the little buggers they can be 😉 In reflection, I’ve done […]

Lately I’ve been shuddering when a new work email lands in my inbox. And it’s tough, because I feel so grateful to be “successful” in work, but on the other hand, I’m tired. And I can’t truly even name why. Some days, all I want to do is lie on my couch and watch Love [&helli

A few weeks ago, I flew to Miami to speak at Making It, a conference for women in creative industries. It was amazing to say the least, and I had a blast exploring Miami. For the 40 hours I was there, I crammed in a lot of sight-seeing, shopping, hanging with locals, and chatting with […]

A few weeks ago, Grace, my Editor in Cheif at Design*Sponge asked the entire D*S team to open up their homes and show them off on the site. I was hesitant at first, as up until recently, I’ve been considering moving and have been house-hunting for nearly 6 months. It’s been an un-enjoyable process t

I’ve been busy lately with work and life in general, so I don’t have time to craft a pre-amble. But I will say, though this one is short, it’s also very sweet. And for those who don’t know it, to listen to a steady stream of all of my playlists strung together, just visit my […]

I had a bit of a crazy weekend in my personal life; in exciting ways and not-so-nice ways. I don’t quite have the energy to craft a big intro, so forgive me, but trust it’s a good one. Music always soothes my soul and is a cure-all, so this week’s mix is just for me […]

My living room has gone through a few iterations when it comes to furniture. Rugs, couches, plants and side tables have come and gone. But up until last week, my gallery wall had remained the same. This was my set-up when I first moved in 18 months ago: The few months that followed saw a […]

LEISURE, a new band from Auckland, NZ leads the way with my favorite kind of song — one that has a slow melody and fast beat. After that is an instrumental track that is anything but boring. It may, in fact, be super duper (pun intended). Then some blues by Jimi Charles Moody feeds my […]

For the longest time, teal conjured up images of nautical-themed rooms or distressed vintage furniture for me, all of which aren’t my cup of tea. But lately I’ve been having a new appreciation for the hue, when pale and light. I still can’t quite love fully-saturated teal, and I may never, but

Today’s mix features an impressive track from 18 year old Aurora Aksnes from Bergen, Norway who goes by her first-name only, some good fun from Jordan Bratton ft. Chance the Rapper, a track from Fat Possum (who I just discovered last week), a catchy track from Tenterhook, new Misun (who’s always good at

This week’s mix features half hip-hop (from Black Milk ft. BADBADNOTGOOD, Kanye ft. Kendrick Lamar, and De La Soul ft. Nas) and half alternative electronic (from NoMBe, Vérité and The Japanese House). Enjoy your day and happy listening! Friday is only 2 sleeps away. [soundcloud url=”

I totally resonate with April Brimer. After working digitally as a commercial photographer for years, she was craving something more analog. In 2013, April caved and dove head-first into the world and possibilities of ceramics. Her darling line of ceramic housewares, jewelry and objects, The Pursuits of Happine

This week I’m so utterly pressed for time I nearly dropped the ball on this playlist, but I could never do that to you guys–or myself. Music is one of the only things that will keep me sane the next few weeks. So enjoy this week’s playlist which features a mix of a few of […]

A mellow mix of some new songs from some of my favorite artists, perfect for the office or your commute. A bit of folk, indie, instrumental, low-key hip hop and alt. electronic. Enjoy and Happy Wednesday to you and yours! PS: I made a new feature image design for my playlists to change it up. […]

Good thing I made most of this playlist last week because I’ve been a bit distracted this week with the newest addition to our family, Piper! Yes, we got a puppy and I’ll be sure to post far too many photos on my personal Instagram and Twitter, sorry not sorry. She’s a Blue Heeler Border [&hel

This week’s mix features Fyfe, Black Honey, Elle King, Flako, The Weather Station, Freedom Fry and Jay Electronica, for good measure. Enjoy! [soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=t

It’s not in my nature to sit still. Even when I don’t have anything to work on, I make work for myself. But lately, I’ve been singing a different tune… Last week I went on a family vacation to Cuba and, and I saw it as a great opportunity to get some creative personal work […]

I’ve been a long-time Warby Parker fan, but I’ll just come out with it — my head is wide, and a lot of their trendier frames aren’t large enough for my face. So on a recent internet search, I came across Clearly (AKA Clearly Contacts) and bought myself two pairs. This may the beginnin

I once heard that planning is actually just guessing in disguise, and it’s stuck with me since. I mean think about it: You don’t plan to have a brilliant idea—rather, it hits you as you go about living your life. That’s exactly what the term “lightbulb moment” describes, and it happens completel

I’m feeling super chill this week, which calls for a chill, indie electronic mix this week. [soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true&#822

I first found Jon Lo on Instagram and have been following him every since. He’s a seasoned blogger who helped pave the path for the rest of us, all while running his design business and collaborating on projects with other brands such as his newest project, The Octopian. Our conversations started in early

This week I, for no good reason, decided to put together a 50 track playlist with a random mix of slow, fun, folk, hip hop and everything in between for a solid 3 hours of listening fun. [soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&am

I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve shared some of my life behind the scenes, so feast your eyes on some shots from my Instagram and some that have been sitting in my iPhone’s Camera Roll for months. I found these Kenneth Cole Reaction black slip-ons from Winners a few weeks back. These [