In 2015 Stop Doing It All and Refine and Simplify

I’m extremely guilty of having 50 tabs open and at least 3 programs running (sorry computer!). And as a result, I can’t find anything when I need it and my computer hates me for it and chugs slowly and loads at a snail’s pace.

Just like having a million tabs and programs open and running, on a more professional level this applies to taking on dozens of jobs when you know you shouldn’t or trying to do all of the things adding all of the gadgets and gizmos and bells and whistles.

Sometimes the most successful approach and model is one-noted and oh-so-simple.

I’ve just finished reading Rework for an upcoming book review post I’m doing, but I can’t wait to sing its praises. It’s main point is to break the rules if they don’t work for you and screw corporate BS. Authors and founders of 37 Signals (who created Basecamp) Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson encourage simplifying and refining your business and what you offer, under-doing your competition and throws business plans out the window. I used to believe failing to plan was planning to fail, but after every business and initial plan of mine has turned out vastly different than I had planned (in a good way), I have to agree instead when Rework says “planning is guessing.”

With the beginning of a new year and resolutions on the mind, I’m not a fan of establishing make-or-break resolutions. I touched on this briefly on my Biz Ladies post today on Design*Sponge. I truly believe that refining my life and business is a more realistic and appropriate goal for 2015, and it might be for you, too. There’s so many emails to respond to, projects to think about and execute and photos and statuses to keep up with, I’d much rather simplify my life and focus on 1-4 things at a time rather than 50.

This is exactly what some of my favorite brands do: execute one or a small handful of thing and execute them well, such as Everlane or Basecamp or Buffer. There’s hundreds of social-media posters, but I’d take Buffer over HootSuite every day. I don’t need all the fluff. Just give me one or a few things, done well. Even Dale Partridge is refining his business this year focusing on quality over quantity where as last year his focus was the opposite.

This model, in many cases, is easier anyhow, so let’s stop making out lives and businesses more complex and, instead, refine and establish a clear focus. Rather than doing it all sloppily, this year I’m aiming to say no to some of the projects and people who don’t serve me and focus on my nugget and niche rather than catering to all and watering my offering down.

What about you? Any New Years resolutions or things you want to shake off or stop doing this year?

Photo is from yesterday’s Free Stock Photo post. Download it yourself and use and abuse it my friends!
  1. I currently have 33 tabs open as I type this. I tried to use the app, ‘Pocket’ to hopefully stop it from happening, but it hasn’t helped, there’s no hope for me. Love your work and your blog!

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